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Asked by bodhi.zazen on 2009-10-08

I started a project "Zenbuntu"

But I need to change the name to "Zenix"

I changed the details of the project, but the url did not change.

Would you please change it to "" for me ?

Or should I abandon the project and start new ?

Thank you =)

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Steve McInerney
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Barry Warsaw (barry) said : #1

Only the Launchpad administrators can do this. I've assigned the question to them, but if you get impatient you could abandon the old project and create a new one. I'd say give them a few days at the minimum.

bodhi.zazen (bodhi.zazen) said : #2

Thank you Barry, I can wait.

Hopefully changing the URL is less work then deleting it and I have made the necessary changes.

Hitting "I still need an answer" to submit this. No rush.

bodhi.zazen (bodhi.zazen) said : #3

Bump - Still waiting =)

Best Steve McInerney (spm) said : #4

Sorry about the delay there.
This has been done:

- Steve

bodhi.zazen (bodhi.zazen) said : #5

Thank you very very much.

augdawg09 (augdawg09) said : #6

Can you please change the address of my project also? It's at (I misspelled quickly.)


Max Bowsher (maxb) said : #8

Please do NOT add additional requests to the end of an existing solved question. Your requests will not be actioned there. Open a new question of your own instead.