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Asked by Dooitze de Jong on 2009-09-10

Hello Admin's,

I have created an project on launchpad but it need a translation team because it's a magazine, so may it be possible to create a translations team.
People must have a chance to translate this magazine.

About the magazine
It must be a magazine what gonna be promote Open Source.

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Adi Roiban (adiroiban) said : #1


I think that one of the Rosetta admins could create that group for you, but they will need the name of the group.

I'm suggestion to assing the translations to "Launchpad Translators" group.

In Launchpad , a "translations group", is a group of translation teams. You will have to create the required translations teams and appoint them to each language.

What is the benefit of creating a special translation group for your project ?

You can work with "Launchpad Translators" group and launchpad translations teams just like they were teams and traslators for your project.
The benefit you will get by using "Launchpad Translators" it that the group is already created and there are already teams appointed for languages (and other teams will be appointed soon).

I think that translators should work toghtere in teams, even if the are translating KDE or GNOME. Dividing translators in teams per applications is not of much use for the translators.


Dooitze de Jong (dooitze) said : #2

Thanks Adi Roiban, that solved my question.

Dooitze de Jong (dooitze) said : #3

Now I think about to create a translation team, for all kinds of magazines.
-Free Circle
-Open Computer Magazine
and other magazine who talk about open-source

Dooitze de Jong (dooitze) said : #4

The name must be: "The Magazine Translation Team"

Adi Roiban (adiroiban) said : #5

Hi Dooitze,

Here you can read more about Launchpad Translators group :

I still think that in this case it is best to assing the translations to Launchpad Translators group.
You can ask translators willing to help with the magazines to join the specific Launchpad Translation team appointed to his/her language and work togheter with other translators for the specific language..

There is not much use of grouping translators of all languages in a single team and using a strict criteria like translating a couple magazines.

In my view it is better to encourage collaboration between translators and not split them in teams by project.

Still, the choise is your! :D


Dooitze de Jong (dooitze) said : #6

But the launchpad translators dont all languages

Jeroen T. Vermeulen (jtv) said : #7

Dooitze: unless you already have translation reviewers for lots of languages waiting to join your new group, that problem will be worse with a new group than it is for the existing Launchpad translation group.

By the way, note that there is a big difference between a "translation team" and a "translation group." A translation team is specific to a language, and there are normally many such teams in one translation group.

Also, if there is no team for a particular language in Launchpad Translators, and you know someone who'd like to translate to that language and is an established translator, we'd be happy to have them set up a team for that language.

Dooitze de Jong (dooitze) said : #9

Thanks Данило Шеган, that solved my question.

Dooitze de Jong (dooitze) said : #10

I gonna ask for a translation group