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Asked by rkvsraman on 2009-09-10


We intend to use Launchpad Source code to host a open source source project. How much changes do we have to make to images to make it a different from and thus keep your visual identity intact?



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Hi Raman,

Unfortunately we are not able to provide help to people wishing to fork the Launchpad codebase. Launchpad is a free software community project, but its power is in its nature as a central hub for free software development - having additional instances with modified code running would certainly not help that purpose. Hope you can use Launchpad itself to host your project.

rkvsraman (rkvsraman) said : #2


I wasnt asking for help in design work for images. I was just asking which images need to look different to differentiate our instance from yours.

Karl Fogel (kfogel) said : #3

Hi, Raman. Basically, you need to replace all the copyrightable images in the tree (as per , not just the logo. The easiest way to do that is to simply design new images from scratch, keeping the same dimensions, of course, so that everything still fits together in the UI. There are probably some images that are so trivial, or so common to all UIs, that you don't need to change them: I mean, if an image is just a straight black horizontal line or something, clearly there's no copyrightable element there. So use your judgement, make it look different (consult with a lawyer if you're in doubt), and you should be fine.

Good luck with the project. It's outside our scope, as Tom said, because we're concentrating on, but I hope it works out well for you. Patches still always welcome (see, of course.

rkvsraman (rkvsraman) said : #4

Thank you.

Will do that