Restart import of 'lp:~vcs-imports/rainbow-olpc/mstone-trunk'

Asked by Luke Faraone on 2009-08-30

Hi, per Launchpad bug 419478 in launchpad-code "lp:~vcs-imports/rainbow-olpc/mstone-trunk import failing: NoSuchRevision" , please "nuke and restart" the import.

Luke Faraone

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Assigning to rockstar, --deryck 2009-08-31
Paul Hummer (rockstar) said : #1

This branch can't be deleted until it's no longer the development focus branch. Could you please remove it's series status first, and then I'll delete and recreate the import.

Luke Faraone (lfaraone) said : #2


Tim Penhey (thumper) said : #3

We are going to triage this, so it may take us a few days to work it out.

Luke Faraone (lfaraone) said : #4

Understandable, thanks anyway!

This has been done:

The import still fails, because of the submodules, however.

Luke Faraone (lfaraone) said : #6

Okay. Is this already a known issue, and if so is it on the roadmap?

Luke Faraone (lfaraone) said : #7

Sorry, I wasn't really thinking when I wrote that.

We now seem to be getting a different error, "bzrlib.plugins.git.fetch.SubmodulesRequireSubtrees" (

How should the repository be upgraded?

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