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Asked by Nilanjan on 2006-04-23

Error code: S-113A333

The link you sent me by email at <email address hidden>
is not working.

Pls rectify.
Thank you.

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Bajtalan Hunor (cerebellum) said : #1


There is probably some problem with launchpad servers because you are not the only one experiencing the problem (sorry for "problems" :).
Contact Launchpad Developers

Make a BUG report to the BUGS section

Nilanjan (g-nilanjan) said : #2

So what do u want me to do???

On 4/29/06, Diogo Matsubara <email address hidden> wrote:
> Support request #802 on Launchpad changed:
> Linked to bug: #6429

Nilanjan Gupta
<email address hidden>

Diogo Matsubara (matsubara) said : #3

Hello Nilanjan,

the link you received "expires" after you use it the first time. You probably used it to register a new account and as you can notice you successfully registered a Launchpad account. Just close this support request if that solves your problem.


Nilanjan (g-nilanjan) said : #4

Pl forward a copy of this to the *PM of India and the Chief Justice of India
*. *Make a big noise abt it.* The girls phone no. is 09818070667 and her
address is - S127 Greater Kailash 1, 2nd floor, New Delhi. I have her email
also, I know almost everything about her. The IT industry should make a big
noise abt this. How can shit like this be allowed to happen? I got threat
calls from goons at 9819007501 and 9811201559. The police are refusing to
tell me anything about these nos. despite a complain. Bastards. Will the
Honorable Union Minister on this list pls do smthg abt this and make a big
noise abt it to see that laws change to see that this misuse does not
happen. Boycott Apparao Galleries, do not buy anything from them.


On Fri, May 16, 2008 at 12:49 AM, Nilanjan Gupta <email address hidden>

> Dear all,
> I am sorry to say that one of the former members of our group (now
> removed), Gulrukh Inayat Parmar, of Apparao Art Galleries - C 64 Nizamuddin
> East, New Delhi, divorced mother of two kids, and a Kashmiri from Srinagar,
> formerly married to Shiv Parmar of A-7 Sujan Singh Park, staying in GK-1 (I
> have the address), and otherwise a very very nice charming lady, has had a
> temporary fit of insanity and misunderstanding with me and has decide to
> lodge a police complaint against me and had her friends/boyfriends/relatives
> make dirty threatening calls and abusive calls against me for sending emails
> and sms- AFTER BEING REMOVED. She has also used political pull - I have a
> hunch she called Amarinder Singh, former CM of Punjab to lodge the complain.
> *Since when did it become illegal to send email or sms??* Will the Supreme
> court of India pls clarify this. Fortunately her complaint i have been told
> has been annulled and no action will be taken on it. It remains a matter of
> record only. I too have had to file my own police complaint against her for
> threatening anonymous abusive harassment calls etc. *Will somebody pls
> take this up as a cause and take action on this to see that the digital age
> and digital media (sms and email) is not misunderstood and misused to call
> in the cops??? Since when can you complain about sms or email to call the
> cops?*
> *This is shocking sad and appalling.* Pls do something abt it. Pl help.
> Thank you.
> N.
> On Tue, May 13, 2008 at 1:56 AM, Nilanjan Gupta <email address hidden>
> wrote:
>> Prophetic justice for China, they have had their worst earthquake since
>> 1976 and 8,700 people are now dead. What weapons cannot do, God is doing
>> - He is now helping the Tibetan cause! See -
>> On Wed, May 7, 2008 at 2:29 AM, Nilanjan Gupta <email address hidden>
>> wrote:
>>> A devastating cyclone - Nargis - has hit Burma killing over 22000 people
>>> - another instance of Global warming climate change and Nostradamus(?).
>>> Pretty shocking and very sad. India could be next on the list, Burma is a
>>> neighbouring state.
>>> See-
>>> - Its terrible the way the Chinese are treating the Tibetans, their own
>>> people and all their neighbouring countries, even the USA, against whom it
>>> has ICBMs aimed. The Chinese are arrogant, myopic and dim witted, no point
>>> being an economic power if they are not a democracy. Communism has no place
>>> in China today - China needs to be a democracy and a better nation in order
>>> to be a serious world player in the 21st century. It is a complex subject.
>>> Support Tibet and the Dalai Lama - boycott the Beijing Olympics.
>>> Thanks
>> --
>> Nilanjan Gupta
>> <email address hidden>, <email address hidden>
> --
> Nilanjan Gupta
> <email address hidden>, <email address hidden>

Nilanjan Gupta
<email address hidden>, <email address hidden>

Christian Reis (kiko) said : #5

Marking expired as this is really old.