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Asked by Javier Collado on 2009-08-10

I've a package that I would like to maintain for both jaunty and karmic so when I upload a new version to the jaunty PPA I use the 'Copy Packages' link in the PPA page and I get the same package with the same version number, but for two different releases (jaunty and karmic).

Now, I'm trying to automate things a little and generate a new package locally with a new changelog entry for karmic and upload it to the PPA. Unfortunately, the package is rejected because the tar.gz file already exists so it's not possible to upload the same version number for a different series despite this can be accomplished using the 'Copy packages' link.

There is a workaround for this that is just use a different version number scheme depending on the series for which the package has been created. However, I'd prefer to avoid this since the same version number clearly shows that the package is the same one.

Hence, my question is the following: is there any way to upload the same package version for two different series?

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Hi Javier

Unfortunately, no, this is not possible, copying is the only way to achieve what you want. If you need a different changelog for each series, you will need a different version number. After all, it is strictly a different package now if its changelog contents have changed.

What many people do is to have a version scheme that includes the series in it, for example the Bazaar team's releases:

bzr - 1.17-1~bazaar1~karmic1
bzr - 1.17-1~bazaar1~jaunty1
bzr - 1.17-1~bazaar1~intrepid1
bzr - 1.17-1~bazaar1~hardy1
bzr - 1.17-1~bazaar1~dapper1

Hope that helps!

Thanks Julian Edwards, that solved my question.