Can projects share same series/milestone defined in super-project group

Asked by Yingying Zhao

Does Launchpad support such feature that sub-projects share same series defined in their super-project group?
For example, the super project group has series definition like Series1, Series2, Series3.etc. If all the sub-projects can also use these series, when I want to search bugs on Series1, for example, I can get all the bugs existing in all the sub-projects.

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Tim Penhey
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Brad Crittenden (bac) said :

Currently Launchpad does not support working with series and milestones the way you describe. A project group displays the combined set of all milestones defined by the subordinate projects but cannot create them itself. Those milestones are created on each project and are not shared.

Please open a bug if you'd like to see this new feature implemented.

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Yingying Zhao (yingying-zhao) said :

As a workaround, if I create series with same name like "Series1" for each sub-project, can I get all the bugs against "Series1" in all sub-projects by some searching features?

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Best Tim Penhey (thumper) said :

Yes. There is the milestone page for the project group. I'm hesitant to say exactly where on the UI this will be in the future as the UI is in flux for the 3.0 release, but right now there is an "Active milestones" section on the right hand side of the main project group page. This will let you see all the bugs and blueprints targeted for that series on each of the sub-projects.

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Yingying Zhao (yingying-zhao) said :

Thanks Tim Penhey, that solved my question.