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Asked by Rolando Blanco on 2007-06-07

We are working so hard about it, In fact, the Venezuelan Ministery of Natives and the VenezuelaTeam Ubuntu-ve are working together to make possible the must translation to Ubuntu 7.10.

Tomorrow I will have some meetings to have all the information about it, and I will train the people that will translate to Wayuu in the use of Launchpad.

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Matthew Paul Thomas (mpt) said : #1

Rolando, have you worked out the plural form information yet? See <>.

Matthew Paul Thomas (mpt) said : #2


Rolando Blanco (rolando) said : #3

Hello Matt, Yes I did find a Meeting with 2 Language Professors that will help us with it, the interview will be the next Friday 15, they are in the UCV (Universidad Central de Venezuela - Central Venezuelan University) When I have this answer I will post it ASAP.

I must to tell you that we have aprox. 600 Peoples that will translate to Wayu! :D

We wanna have the System Base and the Open Office, translated to Octuber 2007.

Thanks for your attention


Please, could you give us the plural form information as soon as you know it?

Thank you.

Rolando Blanco (rolando) said : #5

Sure, I will

2007/6/19, Carlos Perelló Marín <email address hidden>:
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> Hi,
> Please, could you give us the plural form information as soon as you
> know it?
> Thank you.

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Launchpad Janitor (janitor) said : #6

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Christian Reis (kiko) said : #7

Still needs information from the reporter. Reverting changes to avoid auto-expiration.

Rolando Blanco (rolando) said : #8

Well I can' t have the meeting, but I did found It, let me know if this help you please.

Thanks for your support

That's a lot of information about Wayuu. We don't need to know so much about it but about its rules to write text so we need help from someone that is able to read/write it (I guess you are).

As already requested before, please read the document at:

so you know the exact information to prepare plural forms information.

For instance, English say: 0 cars, 1 car, 2 cars, 3 cars....

How would that be in Wayuu?

How many ways of writing plural names do it have and in which case is used each one?

Also, is '0' an '1' singular, just '1' or just '0'?

Or maybe you don't have plural forms at all (like Japanese).

You don't need to prepare the formula described in our documentation, just explain it to us and we will try to prepare the formula for you.


Rolando Blanco (rolando) said : #10

Tomorrow effi_jayx will have a meeting with some people that know the lenguage

Efrain Valles (effie-jayx) said : #11

Hello Maybe I can answer some of it know:

Professor Luz Angel Martín from The University of Zulia writes:

In wayuunaiki, the gender marks are sufixes or prefixes.

These are the sufixes to indicate gender and number:

-KAI: male

-KALÜ: female

-KANA: plural

I would need a word for better ilustration:

Awalaa (means brother). The word is in infinitive form, that's why the final vowel is dobled.

Once you add the sufixes, One of the final vowels is dropped.

· 0 items: Awalaa (brother/sister)

· 1 item: Awalakai (brother) – awalakalü (sister)

· 2 items: Awalakana (sibblings)

· 3 items: Awalakana “ ”

· ...

· n item(s) Awalakana “ “

On that note, There is also a sufix that indicates “collective”, this sufix is –YUU. and if we add it to the word AWALAA we get AWALAYUU which means brotherhood, or group of brothers.

I trully hope this helps

Espero haberte ayudado.



Christian Reis (kiko) said : #12

Back to open

I suppose this means 3 forms: one for zero, another for one, and yet another for the rest of the numbers.

Translated to gettext-speak, this'd be something like "(n==0)? 0 : (n==1)? 1 : 2", where you'd use form 0 for zero translations, form 1 for singular translations, and form 2 for the rest.

I've added this information to Launchpad now, but if it sounds incorrect, shout as soon as possible :)

Efrain Valles (effie-jayx) said : #14

It looks good to me :D, I hadn't received notification on the plural forms.

Fantastic, No let the transaltions begin

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