Request more space for my PPA

Asked by Brandon Snider

The PPA I'm referring to is this one:

I'm planning on putting Mythtv builds for the past 4 distros in it as well as a lot of other stuff, but I'm already at 90%. Can you please increase the size to 3GB?

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Steve McInerney (spm) said :

3Gb it is. Enjoy!

- Steve

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markallens (markallens) said :

Bless his ppa with all the space he needs! I no longer make coasters out of blank cd's or have to wait for Gentoo to compile on my system in order to have good burning in Linux. I can USE Ubuntu again like in days of old, on it's own for everything instead of dual boot with windoze just to burn cd's. May his kind long prosper for making user friendly again the norm. Someone said he had cdrtools and it worked, I took the chance, loaded 10.04 and it did. Now I have my choice again!

 Before I had taken it for granted as it always "just worked" and embarrassed myself for suggesting Ubuntu for my parents aging machine. The attitude in the forums back then suggested anyone even asking about cdrtools would be pistol whipped in public,flamed to a crisp and told the issue was fixed or closed none of which fixed a problem users were having and showed them the usability of their machines was secondary to the finer points of different versions of open source. In short it turned into an epic fail and sent them to Best Buy to worship on the altar of Bill Gates. Mom had really liked my previous version(dapper) when she visited and could actually use it to burn pictures of the grandkids. She loved xmms and really got a kick out of the desktop cube and wobbly windows.

 But being older and more frugal as that generation tends to be, she wasn't about to make coasters or mini-frisbee's for the dog when all she wanted was a good way to burn cd's. I can unzip and make from source when I have to. Hell a few times I even compiled kernels from source trying to cut down boot time to see what all the fuss was about. But some people just starting from scratch can get frustrated like she did trying to understand how to, or better yet understand where the improvement in a newer version lies if it just doesn't work like the old one did. I guess she put it into words a lot of users felt before this came along..."The only ones getting forked are the users" pretty snappy for a 72 year old. I look forward to showing her Lucid as it should be and if she lets me after the last fiasco giving her back her wobbly windows she enjoyed so much. Thank You!

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