Marking translations as 'published' in Scilab

Asked by kkirill

I would like to ask for enabling the following two statuses in Scilab (
1) "Translation unchanged since last synchronized
2) "Changed in Launchpad"

These statuses aren't used for now, although there are available (displayed in legend)

Please, describe how to mark translations included into last scilab release as 'published' and provide translators with these two additional statuses.


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Henning Eggers
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Sylvestre Ledru (sylvestre) said :


I agree that would be nice to have !

Thx if anyone can implement it!

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Henning Eggers (henninge) said :

This is not answered.

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Henning Eggers (henninge) said :

There is nothing for us to enable or implement here.

Those two statusses you are asking for refer to imported translations which you only get when you upload po files. Those are considered as "published", meaning the translations are published elsewhere, too, in an upstream project for example. Then "Translation unchanged" refers to all strings that are still the same as in the imported file and "Changed in LP" refers to strings that had a translation in the imported file but which was changed through the Launchpad user interface.

If you do all your translation work in Launchpad, those statusses won't appear.


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kkirill (kirill-kirillov) said :

Henning, thanks for clarification, but I still have question, sorry:

All translations are exported from Launchpad to build Scilab localization:

Is it possible to upload just exported files back to Launchpad to mark translations as 'published' and to enable mentioned statuses?

I just want to know what should be changed to have this useful feature


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Henning Eggers (henninge) said :

Yes, if you import the files they will be marked as "published". Please have a look at the guidelines on to make upload of a full tarball as smooth as possible.


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kkirill (kirill-kirillov) said :

It seems that I've understood your solution, but it's very unusable.
I'll try to explain my opinion:
1) Scilab has translations in different languages:
2) Every language have many templates, e.g., for Russian:
3) Open manually every template for every language and upload appropriate po file from the last Scilab release with 'publish' option and wait for approval of every import:

I think that you'll agree with me, that there should be better solution, like "Export All and Mark All as Published Afterwards" option (button). This option should be available only for project manager who actually import translations into upstream (Sylvestre Ledru is that person in Scilab).

Thanks for your time and attention.

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Best Henning Eggers (henninge) said :

You only need to upload one file here:

This file must be a "tarball" (.tar.gz or .zip) with a subdirectory for each template and a correctly named pofile for each language. Look at "Sample directory layout" on All such uploads are considered "published" uploads.

You can also download all translations in one tarball here:

Unfortunately the files in this tarball are not named correctly so you will have to do some shell magic before you can upload them again. This is a known bug.

This requires a little bit of work but I think it is quite doable.

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kkirill (kirill-kirillov) said :

Thank you very much for your answers

I don't have enough permission to access to
therefore I though that the only solution is to upload translations per module. I was wrong, sorry.

Sylvestre Ledru, please, try to upload tar.gz file with current upstream translations with 'publish' option using URL above.

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kkirill (kirill-kirillov) said :

Thanks Henning Eggers, that solved my question.

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Henning Eggers (henninge) said :

Sylvestre, don't be confused if you don't see a "published" switch on that upload form because there is none. The upload will be considered "published" by default, no need to mark it as such.