[vcs-imports] Please rename lp:~vcs-imports/vala/new-trunk to lp:vala and...

Asked by Michael B. Trausch on 2009-06-02

Vala moved to git, so lp:vala doesn't work anymore. Please remove it and replace it with lp:~vcs-imports/vala/new-trunk when possible. Thanks!

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Henning Eggers (henninge) said : #1

This can be done by the project maintainer at https://code.edge.launchpad.net/vala/trunk

Find "Code for this series" and click on "change branch".

Michael B. Trausch (mtrausch) said : #2

It says that would be the Registry Administrators, how would I go about contacting them? In the past, I've asked questions here to fix broken vcs-imports, has that policy changed?

Tim Penhey (thumper) said : #3

Kevin Kubasik (kkubasik) has himself down as the maintainer of vala. A Launchpad admin or Kevin would need to change the branch linked to the development focus series.

Curtis Hovey (sinzui) said : #4

vala is not using the git import.