Can you help migrating my projects from berlios?

Asked by Stani on 2009-05-26

I'm currently using launchpad for Phatch ( I'd like to migrate my projects (SPE - popular python editor and SDXF - dxf library used by blender) from berlios to launchpad, but have no time to study migration. Can anyone help me with that or can file a request somewhere?

I know that ...
- This means migrating from subversion to bazaar (no problem)
- Probably not everything can be imported, which is ok for me. Just tell me the limitations.

The two projects are located as one project in berlios, but for launchpad they need to be two separate projects.

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Sinzui -- Karl I think this requires from questions an answers from several people. In the past, we let the user setup the project. commission a developer to do bug migration, and assigned a developer to ensure the svn => bzr was successful.
Karl Fogel (kfogel) said : #1

So, some parts of this are complex, and some are easy:

Converting from Subversion to Bazaar should be easy, especially since neither SDFX nor SDE has any branches. I'd say just use bzr-svn: see

For bugs, I don't see any "export bugs" option from BerliOS. However, there is one button I can't click: the "Admin" button on one of your bug list pages, for example:

If I click that button, I just get "permission denied". When you click it (as project admin), do you see any export options?

(Launchpad's bug tracker does have an import format, so if we can just get the bugs exported from BerliOS, we should be able to import them. We might have to massage one format to the other, but that shouldn't be too difficult.)

Regarding other stuff:

We can import your mailing list archives ( There's gzipped raw archive data, for example at But we don't really want the individual gzips; instead, we'd prefer the mbox files, e.g., the python-spe-mac.mbox file. Someone with shell access can get that. Do you or some other admin have that kind of access? Let us know.

For your forums (, I'd say leave the data there, and point back to them when referencing old posts. You can use Launchpad's teams/mailing lists for new forums (if you want).

I get the feeling that Support requests ( and Features ( and Patches ( are all using the same underlying object type, which is the same as for Bugs. Do you know if this is true? I think those things would all become Bugs in Launchpad, except that some Features might become Blueprints instead.

You don't have any Tasks ( or Docs ( or Surveys ( or News ( That helps :-).

There's very little data in the wikis (, so I'm guessing it's not crucial to port those over.

When you're ready to convert, just create the two projects in Launchpad.

One false lead on data exporting:

I noticed BerliOS does have "HTML export data", discussed at But that appears to be for project summary data only, not deep data such as bug reports.

Karl Fogel (kfogel) said : #2

Launchpad's bug import format is now public, see

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