Project name 'in use', but doesn't appear to actually exist

Asked by Daniel Cassidy

I tried to create a new project today named 'tempo', but Launchpad says 'tempo is already used by another project'.

However, when visiting and, nothing is found. Am I missing something?

I could of course use a longer or different name, but I'd prefer this one if possible :).

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Steve McInerney
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2009-05-12 henninge: I see no reason this project shouldn't be deleted, assigning to LOSAs.

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Julian Edwards (julian-edwards) said :


That project is registered but is disabled. We could potentially delete the other project so you can claim the name, I think it's been disabled for a while as a "bogus" project. Please reply here again if that's the case.

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Daniel Cassidy (djcsdy) said :


Sorry, I'm not quite sure what you're asking here, so I'll try to answer every possible question :).

 * The registered-but-disabled project doesn't have anything to do with me. My 'tempo' is a completely new project.
 * A brief Google search uncovered an existing project called 'TEMPO', which is developed by Reflective Computing and hosted on Google Code here: This doesn't have anything to do with me either, but I don't see sharing the name as a problem since the two projects are in totally different fields -- mine is a system for employee time recording and management, and theirs is a system for monitoring brain activity. Although I'm not sure what Launchpad policy would be here.
 * If you are willing to delete the existing disabled project so that I can claim the name it would be much appreciated :).


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Daniel Cassidy (djcsdy) said :

Er, somehow there wasn't a button to click earlier except 'this solved my problem'. Which of course it didn't.

Sorry if I've somehow misunderstood how this is supposed to work :).

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Best Steve McInerney (spm) said :

Hey Daniel,
have rename the deactivated project of the same name, so you should be cool to go ahead and create your project with the "tempo" name.

- Steve

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Daniel Cassidy (djcsdy) said :

Thanks Steve!