Delete orphan .deb in PPA archive directory (prevents uploading replacement source)

Asked by TJ

I deleted the source and binaries for kaffeine from my bugfixes PPA over a week ago. I initially uploaded source with an Ubuntu version number (no ~ppa etc suffix). I realised the mistake and deleted the incorrect package. The source files were deleted from the archive soon after.

dput then allowed me to upload (and accepted) the corrected version number but then build failed repeatedly due to the original "kaffeine_2.0.18-1ubuntu1_amd64.deb" remaining.

I deleted the revised source package and expected the .deb would be removed soon but now, over a week later, the problem .deb is still in the archive.

Can it be manually removed?

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Colin Watson
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Colin Watson (cjwatson) said :

This isn't how it works. You can never reuse a version number in a given archive once it's been used, even if you've deleted it. You will have to use a new version number.

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TJ (tj) said (last edit ):

I didn't try to re-use the same version, but the version having a ~ in would be considered older.

But how is the orphaned .deb file got rid of ? The .tar.gz and .dsc files were deleted almost immediately from the archive. Seems like a shortcoming in the process.

Also, why was the package allowed to build if the version was known to be 'wrong'? Seems like putting a load on the builders that is unnecessary.

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Best Colin Watson (cjwatson) said :

I think there was a race here. Looking at the database, you deleted the source 15 minutes or so before the associated binary finished publishing; as a result, you deleted the source but not the binaries. The fix is simple: go to, find the partially-deleted kaffeine version in question (it will show as "Deleted") and delete it again. Now that the associated binaries are actually published, it will delete them too.

Whether the version here was "wrong" is not something Launchpad's archive management code has an opinion on. For example, it might well be appropriate to build such a version in a PPA if it were going to be copied directly into the primary Ubuntu archive from a PPA rather than reuploaded, which is something that sometimes happens.

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TJ (tj) said :

Colin, thank-you! I hadn't realised it was possible to re-delete a "Deleted" package - should have tried that first instead of assuming.

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TJ (tj) said :

Thanks Colin Watson, that solved my question.