Is it possible to re-publish a package that was unpublished after deleting another version?

Asked by JackMacWindows

I've recently updated one of my packages on my PPA to a new major version, and I had planned to EOL Groovy with it as it's going EOL itself in a few weeks. Unfortunately, I forgot to remove Groovy from my build script, and accidentally pushed the new version to that distribution. To try to fix this mistake, I deleted the new package before it finished building, expecting the old version to stay around as if the build failed. However, Launchpad ended up deleting both the new version and old version together! I know the files are still on the server, as I can download the builds through the successful builds link. Is it possible to re-publish that previous build and leave it as it was before today?

If this is a server-side thing that the admins need to do, the package is "craftos-pc_2.5.5-groovy1" on "ppa:jackmacwindows/ppa".

Also, I still have the sources and .changes, so I can re-upload it if the upload's reset. (If I try to push it, dput says the package has already been uploaded, which is correct.)

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Best Colin Watson (cjwatson) said :

Yes, you can do this yourself as follows:

 * Go to, and filter on craftos-pc "Any status" in "Groovy";
 * Check the box next to "craftos-pc - 1:2.5.5-groovy1";
 * Leave "This PPA" and "The same series" selected;
 * Select "Copy existing binaries";
 * Press "Copy Packages".

(As a side note, you should consider changing your versioning scheme at some point since Ubuntu release names are not guaranteed to sort in alphabetical order - for example, "zesty" and "artful". The usual convention is to use something like "ubuntu20.10.1" in place of "groovy1".)

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JackMacWindows (jackmacwindows) said :

Thanks Colin Watson, that solved my question.