I don't get past this cmake error: " Cannot create package registry file"

Asked by Christian Parpart on 2021-04-05

Hey guys,

TLDR: the full log is here: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/531955960/buildlog_ubuntu-groovy-amd64.contour_1%3A0.2.0~develop-2021-04-05-11-43-55ad93bd-0ubuntu1~groovy_BUILDING.txt.gz

I am about to setup a PPA for my project but I keep not getting past that error.
In this project I am having some embedded 3rdparty libraries using CMake's FetchContent feature.
While `dpkg-buildpackage -uc -us` works locally as well as in Github Actions CI, I keep not getting past the above error to let Launchpad create the .DEB packages for me, sadly.

The script I am using for uploading the files to Launchpad is here:

If somebody maybe finds the Easter egg preventing me from getting any further, I'd be really grateful. :)

Many thanks in advance, and happy Easter,
Christian Parpart.

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Never mind, the Easter-bunny already brought me my glasses and now I see I kept looking at the wrong error message.

I still do not understand why I am getting the above message regardless of the actual issue.