How to tell who/what triggers PPA builds?

Asked by Kenneth Loafman on 2021-03-19

Minor problem, but I can't tell who or what is triggering extra builds in the duplicity PPA. Is there a history somewhere?

"Could not be uploaded correctly" occurs when that happens and some users complain.

Ideally, a build should only happen when a push to the repository happens or a team member requests the build.

Colin Watson (cjwatson) said : #1

Builds normally only happen under the conditions you mention. Could you point us to some specific examples of the extra builds you're talking about?

Colin Watson (cjwatson) said : #3

Ah, right, you mean source package recipe builds.

These builds are being triggered by the automatic request-daily-builds script that detects when recipes are "stale" and kicks off builds for them. Here's a rough timeline of what happened in this case:

 * 2021-03-15 18:50: You pushed a change to lp:duplicity. request-daily-builds noticed this ten minutes later and triggered builds.

 * 2021-03-15 20:37: You pushed another change to lp:duplicity. request-daily-builds didn't pick this up for some time, because it's configured not to trigger builds if it's been less than a day or so since the last set of builds that look like they were triggered automatically.

 * 2021-03-16 16:18: You triggered builds manually using "Request build(s)" in the web UI. Unfortunately, when you do that it doesn't clear the "stale" flag on the recipe (, and can't really do so at the moment without some fairly significant work on the data model because manual build requests might not be configured quite the same as automatic ones; but as currently implemented it's enough to cause request-daily-builds to hold off for just under another day, because the manual builds are still similar enough to the ones it would have triggered automatically.

 * 2021-03-17 16:15: request-daily-builds comes round and sees that the recipe is still stale as a result of the second code change on 2021-03-15, and kicks off new builds, which turn out to have the same version as the manually-triggered ones so they fail to upload.

Fixing might also have helped in this case, because then you might have used the "Build now" button which *does* clear the stale flag.

I definitely agree that this is all a bit on the opaque side, though it's hard to fix. Fortunately only developers and users who go poking around on the recipe page are really affected - users who just consume the PPA are unlikely to notice.

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