How does a CASUAL (not part of a project) user report a bug! touchscreen problem

Asked by Esther Heller on 2021-03-03

the touchpad on my HP Pavilion 360 worked on Mint Cinnamon but I didn't like after 6 months trial and loaded Kubuntu 16.04.5 instead, which does not see the touchpad which does not appear in cat /proc/bus/input/devices (using USB optical mouse in meantime or machine would be unusable). Per

 "In case your Touchpad doesn't work at all (No response from the Touchpad)" Item 1 of that URL, it;s a kernel problem I should report. I created a user account in Launchpad but can't find where a "normal" user can report a problem.

I tested interfaces on Sun from a naive user point of view 30 years ago but by current standards an not a geek. I can follow directions finding things and know why rm-r from / is a bad idea.... think cautious intelligent amateur.

HP Pavilion x360 Model 14M dn 100 3dy
Prod ID 48UA H ABA possible typos due to tiny print, older eyes and no magnifier handy..

Thank you!

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Colin Watson (cjwatson) said : #1

For bugs in Ubuntu, you're normally best off using the "ubuntu-bug" tool ("ubuntu-bug linux" in this case), which should collect information from your system, upload it to Launchpad, wait a minute or so until your system information has been processed, and then present you with a web form where you can describe the problem you're having.

Esther Heller (otelia) said : #2

ubuntu-bug linux in a terminal pops up a window with a serious description of the operating system and the question "send problem report to developer?" with no apparent way to describe problem.

man ubuntu-bug popped up several pages on apport-bug so I tried that in the terminal and got a different little pop up with a list of kinds of problems, clicked on "Display ( per the website I quoted, clicked ok, and it said you need to specify a package or PID.

still don't see how to actually report a problem (but I am hopefully good at describing what I have done)

I should probably also mention I am riding the wifi at church, no internet at home, so I may look somewhat unresponsive depending on timing between questions and answers.

Thank you.

Best Colin Watson (cjwatson) said : #3

Go back to "ubuntu-bug linux". If you answer yes to "send problem report to developer?", then it will upload collected data about your system to Launchpad, wait a minute or so until your system information has been processed and you're presented with a web form, and *then* you will have the opportunity to describe your problem.

Esther Heller (otelia) said : #4

When I did that it sent me back to the same page with obvious way to input a problem.../

HOWEVER during the same session Kubunbu asked to do an update (of a new install dated a couple months ago). It didn't reboot or ask me to, but when I shut down, went home, and rebooted, the original problem of touchpad not working disappeared along with another one about dummy sound which I hadn't started on yet, some now no problems.