Suggestion to add two more options to LP MP page

Asked by Frank Heimes on 2021-01-11

Hello, this is more a suggestion than a question.

I recently created a MP for a package update:
and while working on that (with my Sponsor) the following two things came up:

1) While reading some docs one can find that two reviews are needed, but it turned out that in this particular case only one was sufficient; but I already created an entry for a 2nd review before I noticed that.
"Canonical Server Core Reviewers 2021-01-08 Pending"
But there is no way to get a request for review deleted or canceled (at least not from my page view).
It would be nice to have an option that allows to cancel/delete a request for review.

2) In addition it would be nice to have an option at the MP page
that allows to directly sent a notification to a Sponsor (that incl. all needed information, like commit Id etc.)
(of course not mandatory, since not everybody needs a Sponsor)
I think that would help to streamline the MP process a bit at least for newbies (since it's complex enough).

Just two suggestions that came to the mind of a novice (maybe there are reasons against it that I don't see ...)

Bye, Frank

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Colin Watson (cjwatson) said : #1

If you want a code change, you'll need to report this as a bug, not as a question.

For 2), why wouldn't you just add your sponsor as a reviewer, or send it to them out of band? I don't think "sponsor" needs to be a distinguished role from the point of view of LP code reviews.

Frank Heimes (fheimes) said : #2

Regarding 2)
I planned to have someone else as a Sponsor, but Sergio just picked the MP up and reviewed it (what I appreciated) and he indeed became also the Sponsor for this.
But I think that Sponsor and Reviewer are not necessarily always the same person - but if so such an option would not really be needed...

The two topics were just thoughts and suggestions.

I'll mark this as answered and think about opening a bug for canceling/deleting/revoking a review request.

Thx, Frank