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Asked by Bamm Gabriana on 2020-10-30

Back in 2010, I created an account bammgabriana under the email address <email address hidden>. I used it to participate in Rob Spearman's Nightshade Legacy project which, although dead, I still maintain locally on my computer. Rob has since created a new Nightshade NG project which is not open source and which I am not involved in. I still privately work on my own copy of Nightshade Legacy, probably to officially fork it someday once my changes are substantial.

Anyway, my email address <email address hidden> has long been gone. A few days ago, when posting on AskUbuntu, I tried to login using my launchpad account, but I couldn't login anymore to my old account. So I created a new account which is this account I'm using now. This new account has a username bamm-gabriana (with a hyphen because I cannot use my old username).

I have since been active in AskUbuntu for the past few days. However, I feel bad about my old account, since it has sentimental value to me. Nightshade is a project that I valued deeply, and I regret losing the account associated with it.

What I wish is for my new account to be merged with my old account, so that I would regain access to the old Nightshade, and have all my AskUbuntu posts under the merged account. I want the merged account to have my new email address, but under my old username bammgabriana (without the hyphen).

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In order to do the account merge, we would need to confirm that you own the old "~bammgabriana" account.

We usually do this either by asking you to send us a message using your old e-mail, or signing a message using your SSH key.

The problem is that there is no SSH key associated with your old account. And, as you said, you do not have access to the old email anymore. So, I don't see a way to confirm that you are the owner of that old account.

Anyway, your old account doesn't have that much activity. Couldn't you just ask to join "Nightshade" team with your new account?

Bamm Gabriana (bammgabriana) said : #2

Thanks for the reply!

The project is no longer active, and has moved on to Nightshade NG (New Generation) which is not open source and rewritten from scratch. So there is really no reason to ask Rob to add me to a dead project.

Also, I want to get back the bammgabriana name; I don't like hyphens, they are ugly.

Since I can't get back the old account, can I at least be allowed to change my username to bammgabriana instead of bamm-gabriana? Perhaps the old account can have the bamm-gabriana. Would you mind exchanging the usernames for it?

I have started getting back online after some years of little Internet access. I'm planning to use my Launchpad for my primary login to a lot of other sites that need accounts. So I want my displayed login name to be my preferred name, rather than a temporary name that was assigned.

Bamm Gabriana (bammgabriana) said : #3

Any reply?

Ioana Lasc (ilasc) said : #4


I understand the new request is changing the username, it is possible for you to change your Launchpad username - please see for details.

Bamm Gabriana (bammgabriana) said : #5

You understood it wrong.

Of course I know that the username can be changed from the account, that is why I asked this, since my issue I cannot change it from bamm-gabriana to bammgabriana, because my old account is already using it.

You seem to have just replied without reading the context.

If I had access to both, I can change my old account's username so that my new account can use bammgabriana. But you apparently missed the part where I don't have access to my old email anymore.

Pappacena understands the situation but ilasc doesn't. Can pappacena answer this instead of ilasc? Because ilasc just gives canned answers without thinking or reading. Thanks.

My request is if you can do it on your side to exchange the usernames.

Or, you can give me temporary access to my old account so I can do it myself. I would love to do it myself if I had access.

Colin Watson (cjwatson) said : #6

I've switched the usernames around as requested: your new account is now ~bammgabriana.

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