Can I resume PPA uploads from power failure?

Asked by EoflaOE on 2020-10-17

It's been two months since I've uploaded MSBuild 16.6 into my ppa:eofla/mono-msbuild repository. The source had a size of about 500 MB. Since then, I've started experiencing unexpected power cuts, especially in the midnight when it allowed me to upload large source packages.

The problem is that I need to update the Roslyn package, and I've already made a working source package that weighs about 530 MB in xz because of about +198 local NuGet packages. I use xz -9 to compress the source in the smallest file size possible. I needed to upload it initially a day after MSBuild 16.6, but the stunts that the electricity ministry enact, as well as the slow upload speed (512 Kbps) made me delay it for more than two months!

Why? The ministers think that it's a good idea to cut the electricity in the midnight, so uploading Roslyn in one go is useless because I'm afraid that in some unpredictable time the electricity will cut in the middle of the upload process. They also think that they shouldn't give ANYONE who use computers mercy, so they cut it "whenever they feel like to" on top of their 2 hours off and 4 hours on habit, causing the Roslyn upload fail rate to increase. I was trying hard to find time to upload Roslyn, because it takes about four hours to upload it using my network.

Sorry for the rant, but I was giving minimal info about how they act. I upload packages using the SSH FTP method "dput sppa:eofla/mono-msbuild package_version_source.changes", so I was wondering if I can resume the upload from power failure, or I have to start over.

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Colin Watson (cjwatson) said : #1

I'm afraid at present this is not possible. See for discussion (which is old, but the situation has not changed).

EoflaOE (eofla) said : #2

Thanks. I've seen the discussion. I guess I have to either find time to upload Roslyn in the midnight (which is stable on Fridays and Saturdays), or upgrade my Internet connection speed so I could then upload it in just 2 hours.

For now, this answer has solved my problem. I have to adjust upload time to the point when these electricity ministers are happy not to cut electricity in the midnight.