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Asked by John Pye on 2009-04-30

Hi there,

I was asked by Robert Collins (canonical) to post my question here, rather than to the VCS imports team...

ASCEND uses Launchpad as a way of keeping a mirror of our subversion repository, useful should something bad happen, but hopefully also useful for people who like using bzr instead of svn.

We recently changed our active subversion branch from a very long-standing branch back to development on the trunk. I have set up Launchpad to import two branches, our old trunk, as well as our old active branch. I now want it to import the new trunk, which actually has the same URL as the old trunk, but has a different history, including all the work on the old active branch, which I 'svn cp'ied over into trunk.

Can someone help me to fix this up so that
* launchpad tracks our current trunk
* launchpad no longer tracks our old active branch, because it has been removed.

I'd be quite happy if all of our current VCS imports could be cleared out and I could set up new ones... is that possible?

I tried to set up a new VCS import, but it told me that I couldn't because the URL is same as the old trunk URL, but the old VCS import is showing 'failing' status and seems to have stopped trying.


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Christian Reis (kiko) said : #1

Yes, it is possible to kill the existing VCS imports. But you didn't provide me with any URLs, so it's much harder for me to guess which ones you want killed. How about we try that?

John Pye (jdpipe) said : #2

old code import, no longer an available branch:
desired location of svn import going forward:
clashes with, marked failing:

Paul Hummer (rockstar) said : #3

It looks like we can't delete because it's assigned to a series. If you would like to un-assign it, we can delete that branch for you.

John Pye (jdpipe) said : #4

I can't see anywhere that I can un-assign it. How can I do that?

(I note you're using the 'edge' server... is that significant?)

Best Tim Penhey (thumper) said : #5

On Mon, 04 May 2009 13:28:32 John Pye wrote:
> Question #69338 on Launchpad Bazaar Integration changed:
> Status: Answered => Open
> John Pye is still having a problem:
> I can't see anywhere that I can un-assign it. How can I do that?
> (I note you're using the 'edge' server... is that significant?)

It should be a link on the right hand side called "Link to branch".

John Pye (jdpipe) said : #6

I *think* I've fixed this now. Thanks!