Server error contact admin but no clue who/how to contact

Asked by Brian Foster on 2020-01-14

I just got the pop-up message:

   Server error, please contact an administrator. OOPS ID:OOPS-01304c5f39d236276b5b91c3304de9f5

However, I've no idea who(or how) to contact.

When the above happened, I was:
 * NOT logged-in to Launchpad;
 * browsing the recent bug reports (newest ordering, all other search settings default);
 * had just clicked the "Next" button (several pages in, i.e., "Next" had been working);
 * Firefox 72.0.1 (64-bit);
 * Kubuntu 18.04 (up-to-date).

Clicking the pop-up's "Ok" button and then trying "Next" again worked (after a small delay),
albeit now I'm logged-in (obviously), albeit it's unclear if the browsing (in another tab) knows this.

May I suggest the pop-up text include, at the least, a link to instructions on how to contact an admin?
Then, in addition, an actual contact link would seem to be useful.

Thanks, hope this helps and is helpful.

(I'm currently suffering (known to be unrelated) e-mail problems and so MAY NOT see, or be able
to respond-to, any e-mail...), Sorry!) ;-(

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3 hours ago
Brian Foster (blfoster) said : #1

There was NO traceback or anything else in the pop-up window's message,
just the previous quoted "OOPS" message.

Some (admittedly quick) searching has not located any information on who/how to contact.

Colin Watson (cjwatson) said : #2

The bug you ran into that caused that OOPS is

I wouldn't object to making the error message clearer, but question tickets aren't a good way for us to track requests for making changes to the software itself, as opposed to support requests. Could you please file a bug ( specifically about the poor "Server error, please contact an administrator" error message?

(We deliberately don't include a traceback in the message seen by users, but the OOPS ID goes to an internal system where we can see tracebacks for reported problems.)

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