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Good day,

I've put together a general purpose Mesa / LLVM PPA at https://launchpad.net/~kisak/+archive/ubuntu/kisak-mesa with the intention of providing the latest point release of mesa and llvm for Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and newer. One distro release slot takes approximately 400MB with an additional 275MB of head room needed to transition between llvm builds. This puts bionic + disco + eoan at 2025MB, which will become a hassle when llvm 10 or focal ships.

There's a couple questions to to ponder to find a suitable limit:

1) Is there interest in enabling debug symbols for this PPA? Enabling debug symbols could be useful for troubleshooting issues, but increases the estimated usage to 2GB per distro release slot and an additional 1.5GB of head room for llvm upgrade.

2) How long would the community like for the PPA variant of mesa to be available to distro releases that have reached their end of life? My intention is to finish out the mesa series once a distro release has reached its upstream end of life, but there's no real guidance for how long that last build should remain available. If space is not an issue, I don't have a problem keeping them available.

Thank you for considering this request,

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Best Colin Watson (cjwatson) said :

I've increased your quota.

I can't answer for the community, but in general Launchpad staff would prefer you not to keep builds for end-of-life releases around for very long. Sometimes there are special cases of course, but we'd rather not encourage people to run them as a general rule.

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kisak (kisak) said :

Thanks for bumping the limit. With 8GB I should be able to temporarily enable debug symbols, but would need to disable symbols during llvm transitions. I'll hold off on turning this on for now, will need to reassess later if this PPA gets popular enough for that to have real value.

Of course, there will be no feature enablement on EOL distro releases in this PPA.

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kisak (kisak) said :

Thanks Colin Watson, that solved my question.