Launchpad Translation Server Timeout continuously

Asked by bernard stafford on 2019-09-05

Launchpad Translation Server Timeout continuously. Is is possible to lengthen the 'Timeout' on each page of ten questions that are being translated? Some are single translations and others are lengthy taking a longer time to translate. This is the URL for the server:
No reply is necessary. Thank all of you for the good job that every one is accomplishing.

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Colin Watson
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Best Colin Watson (cjwatson) said : #1

Please file timeouts as bug reports (rather than questions) including the OOPS ID that's displayed along with the timeout. Timeouts on different types of page should be reported as separate bugs.

bernard stafford (bernard010) said : #2

Thanks Colin Watson, that solved my question.

bernard stafford (bernard010) said : #3


(Error ID: OOPS-bbfd10710347fc3ccda52ee6ba0b4385)

I was translating English to African Language on the translation server different area
completed the page that I was on Clicked 'Save and Continue' Timeout error..
I linked this Bug Report with the previous Bug Report.
Thank all of you for your hard work and dedication within launchpad.

bernard stafford (bernard010) said : #4

Timeout Error Happened again. Translating English to African Language. Completed a page of 10 translations at the bottom right of page clicked- 'Save & Continue' The server timed out.


(Error ID: OOPS-20b3a2630b4d7d23f6a6a5e531cad5b5)

I linked this to the previous bug report.

bernard stafford (bernard010) said : #6

Timeout error
 Sorry, something just went wrong in Launchpad.
We’ve recorded what happened, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Apologies for the inconvenience.
Trying again in a couple of minutes might work.

(Error ID: OOPS-bb9403ef074f3e15370adbc131dc0655)


And again...

Adolfo Jayme (fitojb) said : #7

As an alternative to translating via the browser and constantly hitting timeouts, I recommend using the PO download feature, editing with an offline PO editor, and uploading back the edited file. See here for details:

Colin Watson (cjwatson) said : #8

Please don't post further OOPS IDs in this question - it's not necessary.

bernard stafford (bernard010) said : #9

I have been just refreshing the web page after the Time Out from 1 up to 4 times. It goes to the next page just fine. Even if it is an OOPS same thing Refresh the web Page 1 up to 4 times goes right to the next page just fine.