Request to remove the "zope" project from LP

Asked by Andreas Jung on 2019-09-02

Hi there,

I am Andreas Jung and a member of the Zope Foundation team.

The "zope" project moved a long time ago to Github.

We would like to see the "zope" project being removed completely from LP since everything is on Github now.

How can care about this issue?


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Colin Watson (cjwatson) said : #1

Launchpad is fundamentally designed to track projects that exist elsewhere, as well as projects that are hosted primarily on Launchpad. I'm not sure how good an idea removing all the Zope projects from Launchpad would be, because IIRC there are quite a few bugs that have tasks on zope.something in order to track upstream bugs on GitHub, and removing the projects would be pretty disruptive to that.

What's the root problem that you're trying to solve here? Can we improve things by making it clearer that the Zope projects on Launchpad aren't the primary source?

Andreas Jung (ajung) said : #2

The Zope Foundation moved a long time ago to Github and it is the desire of the current Zope team @ Github for closing this complete obsolete source on Zope. is the canonical place for all Zope repositiories for years.

Andreas Jung (ajung) said : #3

says that there is no longer accurate or any uptodate information or resources on LP

The autor of is the current release manager of Zope.

Michael Howitz (mh-gocept) said : #4

The continued presence of Zope projects on Launchpad is a huge distraction and confuses people. The Launchpad content has been outdated and unmaintained for many years because there is no point in (and no volunteers for) maintaining two infrastructures, GitHub and Launchpad. The argument that there are open issues in various bug trackers is bogus. We had made the conscious decision many years ago to not copy every single issue over. Nothing that still exists on Launchpad is relevant or holds any value. It distracts and confuses.

Adolfo Jayme (fitojb) said : #5

Personal opinion only:

> The argument that there are open issues in various bug trackers is bogus.

No, it isn’t.

> We had made the conscious decision many years ago to not copy every single issue over

… which is disrespecting the time of the users who bothered to file bugs. It was your responsibility as a project to export the information, as others have done: GNOME migrated all of its Bugzilla to GitLab; MediaWiki did the same when it migrated to Phabricator, et cetera.

Andreas Jung (ajung) said : #6


There is zero need for finger pointing or raising doubts about our request.

It is up to the Zope maintainer team to decide what is best for the project and its community.

The stuff on LP is old, obsolete, outdated and irrelevant for the current Zope community and its users.

References to Zope on LP are misleading and of zero value for current Zope users.

I think it is not your job to judge about the intents and the decisions of a project like Zope.

Zope had a good time on LP for year but this time is long over and there is zero need for preserving ancient and outdated information on LP for the future.

So please proceed with the request.

Michael Howitz (mh-gocept) said : #7

Yes please proceed with the removal request.

The bugs here on LP are normally older than 5 years referencing Zope versions which are no longer supported. Some of them have been ported to Github, others are already fixed or are obsolete because the code they are referring to has been dropped from Zope. If someone really needs to access these old issues, there is

The bigger problem is that new people are creating tickets here hoping for help, but the maintainers do not get informed because using LP was dropped by the Zope community. This is way less nice to these people than removing issues no-one cares any longer.

Launchpad Janitor (janitor) said : #8

This question was expired because it remained in the 'Needs information' state without activity for the last 15 days.

Andreas Jung (ajung) said : #9

Still not fixed in our sense.

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