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Asked by Michel Helms on 2019-07-05


I want to offer my package for all Ubuntu versions. Howevery, in the changelog I can only target one version, for example Bionic, so for each change I do to my package I have to upload 7 identical versions? Or upload one version and copy it 6 times here in the interface?

(I have a binary only that I distribute so I don't even need a rebuild.)

Is there an easier way? Can I specify multiple versions in the changelog? How do others do it? Sorry, couldn't find anything about it. I also don't want to spam the system by copying/uploading so much and I don't want to hit the 2 GB limit either.

Thank you!

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Best Colin Watson (cjwatson) said : #1

Since you don't require a rebuild, you should upload to the oldest series you support, wait for that to build and publish, then copy with binaries to all the other series. There is no easier way, although you could probably script some of this using the webservice API (for example there's a "copy-package" tool in lp:ubuntu-archive-tools which can help you with this sort of thing).

Michel Helms (badestrand) said : #2

Cool, okay, thank you!

Michel Helms (badestrand) said : #3

Thanks Colin Watson, that solved my question.