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Asked by Henrik Ingo on 2019-04-23


The "drizzle" launchpad project has been inactive for a decade now, and we have decided to wind down some last artifacts of our existence. (In particular, our SPI Associated Project "incorporation".) On Launchpad, we would also like to close the project. Ideally, the repository and releases and existing content could remain, but we would like to make the project inactive so that nobody can open new bugs or questions, join the project, or send mail to the mailing lists. Is this possible?

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Colin Watson (cjwatson) said : #1

If the project is made inactive then the repository and existing releases will become inaccessible.

Have you tried reconfiguring the project's bugs and questions to mark them as "external" or some such, deactivating your mailing lists, and editing the project's description to point people at where to go instead? You should be able to do all that as a project owner, and it seems as though it may be the best compromise.

Henrik Ingo (hingo) said : #2

I looked into that, but was worried the old bugs might disappear. But, as you point out, could be a reasonable compromise. I'll see what happens...

Henrik Ingo (hingo) said : #3

Ok, that's maybe good for now.

Henrik Ingo (hingo) said : #4

Ok, that's maybe good for now.