Please add new translation group for Mahara User Manual

Asked by Kristina Hoeppner on 2019-02-15

Hello Launchpad team,

Could you please create a new translation group for the Mahara User Manual ?

Our requirements in regards to who should be able to translate directly and who can review translations have changed slightly for a language and thus we would need a new translation group as far as I can see instead of using the Mahara translation group hat already exists.

The new group could be called "Mahara User Manual Translation Group".

Thank you very much

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William Grant
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William Grant (wgrant) said : #1

Are these changed requirements specific to the manual? It's unusual for a single project to have multiple translations policies that differ so significantly that a single set of users isn't sufficient for each language.

Hi William. We have that requirement for one of our translation groups in particular where for the software itself, other people should only be allowed to suggest translations that are then reviewed by the maintainer of that language pack, but for the user manual this restriction should not apply as it is a secondary project.

I have not been able to find how to differentiate that under the current Mahara software policy as the Mahara user manual follows the same rules though technically, it's a separate project.

Hope that helps.

Best William Grant (wgrant) said : #3

A translation group just specifies the set of people who are trusted for each language. The policy around whether group membership is required to make suggestions etc. is configured separately at a per-project level using the "Translation permission policy" setting on See "Help on choosing a policy" for the meaning of each policy.

If you still need separate per-language trusted teams for the Mahara manual, we can create a separate translation group. But it sounds like you might just need to tweak the policy

Thanks, William. I'll see if the other main translators are happy to move away from a structured approach to an open one for the user manual. That's the only way I see that we can make a change without requesting a different translation group.

Hi William,

We are going to trial the "open" permissions and see how we go with them.

Thank you for your assistance.

Thanks William Grant, that solved my question.