Please remove/rename inactive account

Asked by Anderson Lizardo on 2009-04-14

The account:

Reason: I'd like to use it (I already use "lizardo" as my IRC nickname), the account seems inactive (empty profile) and, strangely enough, it is newer than my current account, even though at the time I created mine it was not available.

I tried contacting the possible owner through the profile page, but no answer so far.

Thanks in advance,
Anderson Lizardo (

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Tom Haddon
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The account in question was created two years ago by ShipIt. The person behind it may be unaware that the account exists; I saw no trace of other activity. The one thing to check is whether this person may still be using it for making ShipIt orders.
Ursula Junque (ursinha) said : #1

Hi Anderson, since when you're trying to contact this user? You may want to take a look at our FAQ (


FAQ #323: “Someone else has the user ID I want. What can I do?”.

Anderson Lizardo (lizardo) said : #2


Last time was last week (using the "contact" page on the profile). Unfortunately, the account profile is totally empty (no contact details, name, not member of any projects, no karma activity, nothing), for which I suspect the account it not used.

I already read this faq entry, and it also asks to contact the launchpad maintainers. Then looking the contact page (and also asking on the IRC), I found that I need to add a question here.

Another similar request that was resolved by launchpad admins:

Any other ideas?

Anderson Lizardo

Best Tom Haddon (mthaddon) said : #3

That account has been renamed to ~lizardo-renamed. You can now claim that name.

Thanks, Tom

Anderson Lizardo (lizardo) said : #4

Thanks Tom Haddon, that solved my question.