Uploading without dput (on a non-debian-based OS)

Asked by Rainbow on 2018-06-07

tl;dr Can I upload to my launchpad PPA via FTP/SFTP or basically anything except dput? dput doesn't exist on my OS and porting it will take a little while.
The Summary says it all!
I'm a FreeBSD user, who developed a tool called vzvol, which is a user-friendly program for managing ZFS zvols.
While FreeBSD is the primary development target, I chose to also ensure compatibility with at minimum, Ubuntu, on the Linux side, as y'all (Canonical) have made an effort to make ZFS as close to a first class citizen FS as is legally possible under the nightmare that is the GPL licensing that Linux is stuck under.
(And to preempt the inevitable flame, I support relicensing OpenZFS under a 2-Clause BSD license, so that Linux too can benefit from having ZFS in the kernel, without causing the issues for illumos and FreeBSD that would occur under a GPL relicensing.)

While I'm currently manually producing .deb files (and .rpms, for those on RHEL-like systems), I'd like to provide an "official" (as in officially maintained by the programmer, not official as in part of Ubuntu) PPA.
However, dput is not a package that exists in FreeBSD ports. While I'm currently attempting to unravel the code and make appropriate patches if necessary, to get it into our ports tree, like we previously did with debootstrap and other debian-sourced tools, I'm wondering if there's a way to upload to my Launchpad PPA without dput at this time.
Something like direct FTP/SFTP access.
No, I'd really rather not replace FreeBSD with Ubuntu.
No, a VM is not ideal as I really don't want to have to create a VM-specific PGP key and go through the hassle of mounting a dir inside the VM so I can pull my code.

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Best William Grant (wgrant) said : #1

dput just uses FTP or SFTP under the hood. The host is both cases is ppa.launchpad.net, the username is "anonymous" for FTP or your Launchpad username for SFTP, and the upload path is /~USERNAME/ubuntu/PPANAME. There are two things to watch out for: all the files in a single upload must be transferred in the same session, and the .changes file must be uploaded last, after all the files it references.

But I'd expect that dput or dput-ng wouldn't be too difficult to port. Or you could copy the (already signed) files to a Linux VM and upload over FTP without giving the VM any credentials.

Rainbow (hackerhorse) said : #2

Thanks William Grant, that solved my question.