requirements to mark a bug as "confirmed"

Asked by quantenemitter on 2009-04-04

Hi community,
this question results from a question asked in Bug #351990:

If a new graphic bug (like a crash) is reported, in a lot of cases some informations (like Xorg.0.log etc) are missing. Therefore, the bug is automatically (or at least, pretty fast) marked as "incomplete". After providing the needed information, the "incomplete" label (at least in this case) is still not removed after a few days. My questions are:

* Does it help in any way if a "standard" community member (like me) marks the bug as "confirmed"?
* If it does, what requirements should be considered before changing the bug status?

Thank you for your answer

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Muharem Hrnjadovic (al-maisan) said : #1

Hello Thomas,

when you report a bug, its status should be "new". The other status are used by the LP development team to "manage" the bug throughout the various development workflows.

thank you for your answer. Who is the "LP development team"? The paid members of ubuntu? The actual developers of the various programs? Is not the community a part of the development team itself, here seen as helpers to manage bug reports? I understood your answer as a honest "never touch". But why do I have the possibility to change the bug's status or to mark a bug as a duplicate? Don't understand me wrong, I'm not going to argue about anything here, I just want to know what the do's and don'ts are (depending on knowledge, of course)

Thank you for your answer.

Best Tim Penhey (thumper) said : #3

Thomas, the answer is very much "it depends". If the bug is on a particular project, then it is often a developer of that project that confirms or triages the bug. Some projects specify their bug reporting guidelines.

For bugs in ubuntu itself, I think there is a bug triage team that you might want to find and I'm sure they'd happily give you guidelines to follow in order to help.

Thanks Tim Penhey, that solved my question.