[request] a feature for admins to mark spam questions for automated removal

Asked by RaiMan on 2018-01-18

Looking at the question section of Launchpad it is obvious, that spamming happens rather often.

The currently recommended action, to report spam here and leave it to the Launchpad admins to do the job, helps in most cases, but can only be an interim solution.

For me as region admin it would be easier to simply set the question to invalid, so it is out of normal scope. But this would not be helpful for the community.

So my conclusion:
Add "spam" as additional status type. It should work like "invalid", but would be an additional token, that would allow to asynchronously work with the spam and optimize filters or any other banning actions.

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Colin Watson (cjwatson) said : #1

Feature requests should be filed as bugs, not questions. (But there are various bugs for this sort of thing already; for example bug 45419 is somewhat related.)

RaiMan (raimund-hocke) said : #2

ok, thanks for this (LOL: I advise my users exactly the same: requests as bugs :-)

The mentioned bug is somewhat historical ;-) and talks much about the launchpad internal procedures.

So I put my request as a bug now and I do not think it is a duplicate of the mentioned bug:
my request is only about a simple request for an additional status "spam", that in the GUI is handled the same as "invalid".

I think this serves both sides:
- the project admin has a shortcut to get spam questions out of the way, without deleting the information
- in the background whoever/whatever can additionally do, what makes sense