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Asked by Daniel Nyström on 2009-04-03

In the Swedish Pirate Party we're moving more and more of our development to Launchpad as it's probably the best collaborative tool ever seen.

We've already created five individual projects and it'll increase with time:

Is it possible to get a super project for the whole party to bunch all projects together?

Thanks in advance

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Christian Reis (kiko) said : #1

Sure thing Daniel. What name would you like for the project group's URL?

Daniel Nyström (speakman) said : #2

I Think "piratpartiet" would be the optimal choice.

Christian Reis (kiko) said : #3

Done: -- enjoy. The best tool you've seen? I should get Matt R. to do a blog post with you ;-)

Daniel Nyström (speakman) said : #4

Thanks Christian Reis, that solved my question.

Daniel Nyström (speakman) said : #5

And a personal one: Thanks alot! :-)

Daniel Nyström (speakman) said : #6

Oh. It seems like I have to ask you to move all our projects into the new super project. This is the list of our current projects:

Thanks in advance!

Christian Reis (kiko) said : #7

You can actually do that yourself; just visit the +edit page for each of
them and set the project group accordingly. If you have difficulty with
that just let me know and I'll get you a screenshot.

Daniel Nyström (speakman) said : #8

Oh! It worked perfectly. But I'm sure I read somewhere it had to be moved by admins. Strange.

Thanks alot once again! I think I'm finally done :)

Daniel Nyström (speakman) said : #9

Sorry for spamming, but I just found the missleading text:

" Before you register a project from scratch, you might want to search through the existing projects registered in Launchpad and see if the project you are thinking of is not already in there. If so, you can just ask our staff to make that project part of your project group. "

Launchpad developers might want to change it?