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Asked by Anthony Wong on 2017-12-28

In, there are lots of spams from lucy PAHASTA (sidzen) and seems it's non-stop.

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Colin Watson
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Marc (zagnut) said : #1

Every 2 or 3 responses from this post is "Steve is sorry to inform you thaty this mailbox has, most likely, been redflagged by agencies in charge of our security. Text him, instead" from this user.

Anthony Wong (anthonywong) said : #24

Definitely not answered yet.

Best Colin Watson (cjwatson) said : #26

Looks like a mail loop, perhaps? I've suspended this user and cleaned up the noise.

Anthony Wong (anthonywong) said : #27

May be, but how come he/she could change the status from Open to Answered if it's just a mail loop?

Anthony Wong (anthonywong) said : #28

Thanks Colin Watson, that solved my question.

Colin Watson (cjwatson) said : #29

I haven't checked whether this is really what happened here; but replying by email to a question in the Open state automatically causes a transition to Answered, so that part of it is consistent.

Colin Watson (cjwatson) said : #30

(To clarify, the above is only the case when the email message comes from a user who isn't the question owner.)