Page not found while building development launchpad after "make run" command

Asked by jiamin on 2017-12-03

i wanna build development launchpad on ubuntu-16.04 TLS, following guide from "", everything goes well , as you can see following:
2017-12-03T21:21:44 INFO Server zope.server.http (HTTP) started.
 Hostname: launch
 Port: 8085
 URL: http://launch:8085/
2017-12-03T21:21:44 INFO PMDBWSGIHTTPServer zope.server.http (PostmortemDebuggingHTTP) started.
 Hostname: launch
 Port: 8088
 URL: http://launch:8088/
2017-12-03T21:21:44 INFO Server zope.server.http (DebugLayerHTTP) started.
 Hostname: launch
 Port: 8086
 URL: http://launch:8086/
2017-12-03T21:21:44 INFO Server zope.server.http (PrivateXMLRPC) started.
 Hostname: launch
 Port: 8087
 URL: http://launch:8087/
2017-12-03T21:21:44 INFO root Startup time: 6.720 sec real, 4.044 sec CPU

but when i open any of these urls on the development computer such as "http://launch:8085/" in the browser, it throws 404 error, the detail as follows:

Lost something?

This page does not exist, or you may not have permission to see it.

If you have been to this page before, it is possible it has been removed.

Check that you are logged in with the correct account, or that you entered the address correctly, or search for it:

i have tried many ways , but still stuck here ,eager for your help desperately

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William Grant (wgrant) said : #1

Launchpad uses vhosts, so you need to visit (which routes through the container's Apache).

jiamin (l00425698) said : #2


        Thanks for your help, and sorry for replying your answer util now.
        I did not quite understand your meaning, what the connection between vhosts and my "404" problem? Can you describe more specifically? and what can i do to visit http://launch:8085/ normally without any exception? can you show me some detailed steps?
         Looks forward to your message ~

Best Wishes

Colin Watson (cjwatson) said : #3

Why do you want to visit http://launch:8085/ directly? Visiting instead is what the Launchpad developers do when we're working on local Launchpad instances. Despite the fact that the startup process prints out some backend URLs, you shouldn't visit them directly.

(This matters because the site knows what name it's expected to be addressed by, and serves different content depending on the name you use: that's what vhosts, or virtual hosts, mean.)

jiamin (l00425698) said : #4

Colin,Is that meaning that "make run " ok is equals to building launchpad ok?

 i wanna deploy my own launchpad environment , even change source code to match our own design goal maybe later. So i wanna access these urls directly or access some url which is my own environment not official link ? But i am totally a newbie to launchpad, i don't know is this thought possible?

Launchpad Janitor (janitor) said : #5

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