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Asked by Niko Krause on 2017-06-08

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Colin Watson
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Colin Watson (cjwatson) said : #1

I'm afraid we can't without persuading the owner of to delete it. We'll need to fix bug 1347916 in order to do it any other way (at which point you'd be able to delete it yourself).

Have you tried contacting the owner of that recipe?

Niko Krause (nikokrause) said : #2

Yes. I contacted the owner of the recipe twice.

Niko Krause (nikokrause) said : #3

Why is it impossible for an admin to delete a recipe?

Niko Krause (nikokrause) said : #4

I contacted the owner of the recipe again and again and again....
He doesn't respond. Please be so kind and delete my branch and his recipe.

Niko Krause (nikokrause) said : #5

It has been possible to delete recipes in the past:
Why isn't it possible now?

Colin Watson (cjwatson) said : #6

Sysadmins can do it, it's just that Launchpad staff can't, and I prefer not to use sysadmin time unless there's no alternative. I'm working on a code change now to allow Launchpad staff to delete recipes.

Best Colin Watson (cjwatson) said : #7

I've landed that code change and I have now deleted the recipe in question. You should now be able to delete your branch for yourself.

Niko Krause (nikokrause) said : #8

Thank you very much!

Niko Krause (nikokrause) said : #9

Thanks Colin Watson, that solved my question.