Quota increase request: mscore-ubuntu PPA

Asked by Toby Smithe on 2009-03-09


I am the maintainer of the mscore-ubuntu PPA, and I'd like some more space. In the PPA, I publish testing versions of the mscore package before new releases are pushed to Debian. The requirement for more space mainly originates from the usefulness of keeping up-to-date Qt4 packages available. These take up a lot of space, and I have recently been required to pull Qt 4.5. This is not available in Intrepid, so whereas I previously only had to publish a Qt4 package for Hardy, I now have to publish for both releases, effectively doubling the storage requirement there. In conjunction, I have also begun to provide testing packages for Jaunty, as well.

Consequently, I am asking for a doubling of the quota, from one gigabyte to two.

I would be grateful if you considered this request.


Toby Smithe

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Celso Providelo (cprov) said : #1

Hi Toby,

Done, you have 2 GiB now.

However as a long-term solution, specially for reducing the amount of work you need to do, you should look into using QT4 from a dedicated PPA. Take a look at:


I'm almost sure you can find a suitable and well-maintained PPA you could use as dependency for building your packages. And if you don't, please get in touch with kubuntu guys, they could point you to the appropriate PPA or even embrace your ideas for creating one.

Toby Smithe (tsmithe) said : #2

Thank you very much.

I'll look at moving towards a Qt4 PPA as a dependency, as that would easy my bandwidth usage and my maintenance duties. However, that dependency would have to contain only the Qt packages, to ease users' lives. The greatest difficulty would result from informing users of the dependency, and requiring more than one sources line to be added.

I'll get in touch with the Kubuntu guys.

Toby Smithe (tsmithe) said : #3

Hi - I've tried to upload a new package (current archive size 1.3GiB), but the PPA system is rejecting any new uploads, as they exceed the quota, which remains at 1 GiB. Could you check it out? Thanks a lot!

Best Steve McInerney (spm) said : #4

Hey Toby,

increased to 2Gb. See how that goes.

- Steve

Toby Smithe (tsmithe) said : #5

Thanks, looks like uploads aren't being rejected any more; awesome!