I have no vouchers to redeem

Asked by Jeremy Palmer on 2017-05-03

I purchased the a voucher for the my expiring repo, but the following pages says I have no vouchers to redeem:


Maybe the issue was I purchased the voucher under my personal account, rather than the owner of the repository owner.

This account is going to expire in 23 hours, so can you please help out soon.

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Jeremy Palmer
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Colin Watson (cjwatson) said : #1

I've figured out the underlying problem (a field value in the backend database changed its name without the client side being updated) and requested a deployment, so it should be fixed soon.

Colin Watson (cjwatson) said : #2

We've deployed the fix and you should see your voucher in Launchpad now. The subscription starts from the moment that the voucher is applied, so you won't have lost any days.

Jeremy Palmer (jpalmer) said : #3

Thanks I now see the voucher. However when I go to select a commercial project I get the following search error:

Sorry, something went wrong with your search. (Error ID: OOPS-f857a6b833873699ec519957794a4c2e)

Colin Watson (cjwatson) said : #4

I've filed bug 1688522 about that. In the meantime, you should be able to work around it by entering the project name (not the display name) directly rather than using the search picker.

Jeremy Palmer (jpalmer) said : #5

Thanks. I'm still getting an error when I enter the project name.

Invalid value - Commercial projects you administer

I've now got an email saying the subscription has expired and the project has been deactivated

Colin Watson (cjwatson) said : #6

Would you mind emailing me a screenshot of the error? You can send it to <email address hidden>.

Jeremy Palmer (jpalmer) said : #7

Email send. Thanks

Colin Watson (cjwatson) said : #8

Right, I see - we didn't quite manage to get the bug at our end sorted out in time so I think it expired before you could renew the subscription. I've had one of our admins reactivate the project and extend its subscription by a week, so you should be able to apply the subscription now as long as you do so in the next few days; and if there's still a problem, that should give us time to sort it out at the start of next week.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Jeremy Palmer (jpalmer) said : #9

I got one step further but still couldn't renew. On clicking redeem I get redirected to a page with the following error:

Not allowed here
Sorry, you don't have permission to access this page or the information in this page is not shared with you.

You are logged in as Jeremy Palmer.

Jeremy Palmer (jpalmer) said : #10

Can I please get some help on this?

William Grant (wgrant) said : #11

Your project had been reconfigured to not permit you access -- only the admin user that owns the team could see it, while the whole team could see the PPAs. Since you're an admin of the team, I've added you to the project. You should review the project's Sharing page and consider adding the team as a whole.

I've also applied the voucher to the project, so your subscription should be sorted out now.

Apologies for the inconvenience. Do please review the Sharing settings on the project to ensure you don't get locked out again in future.

Jeremy Palmer (jpalmer) said : #12

Thank you.