Is there a way of bookmarking projects?

Asked by Adam Lindsay

I am seeking an efficient way of bookmarking a project so that I have easy access to it from my profile. Although I may not (yet) participate in a project, I would like to mark it for future use from within Launchpad.

Google code allows one to "star" a project, and github allows one-button access for "watching" a project. This is the simple sort of integration I seek. The only close reference I saw was in someone wanting expanded access to the projects to which they've contributed ( This, to me, is too-heavy interaction: one should not have to contribute to a project before your profile "remembers" it.

(Really, my "problem" is that there are lots of interesting projects in here!)

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Adam Lindsay (atl) said :

Ah, after digging around more, I see that in, you can "subscribe" to a *branch* (not a project) with no email for any of the notifications. That's pretty good, and I have done so so that it shows up on my code page at However, two issues remain for lazy (:-D) people like me:

1) it's still "heavy" interaction to require a page clickthrough, dealing with three dropdown menus, and submitting a form,

2) it's not obvious how things will turn out before one takes this action, and

3) it only applies to projects that have code hosted. One project of particular interest only uses Launchpad for Answers and Bug Tracking.

Would you still consider project-level subscription via one button press as a feature request?

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Michael Lustfield (michaellustfield) said :

If you join a team that owns the project, you will get the notifications. The subscription you're referring to is more for getting notifications of code changes rather than bookmarking.

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Adam Lindsay (atl) said :

That's a pretty unsatisfactory answer. What if a project is not managed by a team?

I've been looking for something more lightweight than joining a project or subscribing to a branch. Again, I refer you to github's "watch" interaction or Googlecode's "starring."

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Best Martin Albisetti (beuno) said :

I agree this is an interesting feature to have, "watching a project", no matter what your level of affiliation with it is.
Maybe we could have something like a automatic daily or weekly report of all things that happened around it.
How does that sound?

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Adam Lindsay (atl) said :

Martin, thank you.

For me, the reporting (active notification) aspect is not so important as a single page where you can go to find the watched projects, along with some indication of recent activity.

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Adam Lindsay (atl) said :

Thanks Martin Albisetti, that solved my question.

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Zearin (zearin) said :

+1 for this. Been hoping for this feature for a while in one of LP's regular updates. :)