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Asked by jMehdi on 2009-02-28

Due to trademark issues, the distro. name changed from Ubuntu Muslim Edition to Sabily. Hence the team name should be renamed to (and also the mailing list should be <email address hidden>)

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(Mar 02 22:15) Assigning to LOSAs -- Ursinha. Notes: has PPA to be renamed; Need to migrate list archives; List needs to be dropped/purged before rename.
Steve McInerney (spm) said : #1


the presence of the existing maillist, makes this team rename a tad more complex than it otherwise would. Given how LP currently hangs together.

I suspect it'd probably be a Good Idea(tm) to warn everyone on the existing list of what's coming, before we make any changes. :-)

Basically, will need to drop & purge the existing list. Rename the team. And create a new list.
Should! be able to re-import the old archives. And then re-add all the original subscribers.
Obviously, this will change the send to addresses for the list and similar.

As soon as you're ready, I'll go ahead and make the changes necessary.

Does this sound ok to you?

- Steve

Steve McInerney (spm) said : #2

oops. too quick to mark as answered, when still needing info. sorry!


  That means that we will have to tell the team to stop sending emails to the list for some time. Can you tell us how much time would that be ?

Steve McInerney (spm) said : #4

Should only be for around 15 minutes at most.
But it will be a brand new named list. ie the old name will no longer be valid.

- Steve


  I've sent an email to our mailing list about this. So please proceed
  with the change. Thanks...

 ‎أحمد المحمودي (Ahmed El-Mahmoudy)
  Digital design engineer
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Seems that if I reply via email, launchpad considers the question answered, although I didn't mean that

Barry Warsaw (barry) said : #8

On #launchpad:

<AnAnt> Hello, question #62612 got marked as answered by mistake, how do I fix that ?

Barry Warsaw (barry) said : #9

I've followed up to the LOSAs about how to do this. It's actually pretty easy though it requires a few web steps and one manual step on the Mailman server.

Herb McNew (herb) said : #10

This has been completed as requested. It may take a bit for the mailing list subscriptions to be synced to the mailman server. But everything should be working shortly.



  I just found out that the transition wasn't complete, the packages in the PPA archive didn't get moved from:


Steve McInerney (spm) said : #13

Hey Ahmed,

gah. Sorry about that. PPA's don't migrate automatically, is a known bug; and unfortunately very easy for us to overlook on team renames. :-(

I've done the move, but be aware that the did already have a PPA. was only one package in there:
Which will need re-creating. I'd be happier if you rebuilt/re-submitted, vs me manually moving as the potential exists to really mess things up.

Sorry (again) for the inconvenience!

FWIW the "old" PPA can still be accessed via:
for the time being. Just in case there's stuff there you do want.

- Steve

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