No simple way to change my password?

Asked by computer_freak_8 on 2009-02-28

I needed to change my password but there did not seem to be a link anywhere within my settings to do so. Eventually, since I needed to change it immediately, I logged out and clicked the "forgot password" link.

I think that something such as changing a password should be very clearly marked and easy to find, in case someone's account has been compromised (as happened with me).

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Simeon Visser (svisser) said : #1

It can be found at: click name at the top right > Change details > Passwords.

computer_freak_8 (j8t8b) said : #2

Thanks Simeon Visser, that solved my question.

computer_freak_8 (j8t8b) said : #3

Bingo! Thank you so much. I did not see the "Change details" button. I was looking on the other parts of the screen, where it listed all of my other information.

Thanks again,

pvdeynse (vandeynse) said : #4

this is not working for me, i don't see a field "Passwords"
here is what i see under click name at the top right > Change details >
     - Display Name:
     - Name:
     - Mugshot
     - Homepage Content:
How can i change my Password?

computer_freak_8 (j8t8b) said : #5

Hmm... I don't see it there anymore. Good question.

Does anyone else have an idea?

Johan Sköld (johan-skold) said : #6

I am actually trying to figure out the same thing. Quite interesting that something so simple as changing password managed to find its way out of the page.

Peter B P (peterbp) said : #7

Same. Why is the password change field gone? I took off my contacts, took out my glass eye and polished it, replaced it, but I still don't see it.

computer_freak_8 (j8t8b) said : #8

This FAQ is related, but the link in it is broken... hmm.
FAQ #51: “I forgot my password. What should I do?”.

computer_freak_8 (j8t8b) said : #9

Just thought I should link that FAQ... is there anyone else I should notify/subscribe? (launchpad-security, launchpad-bugs, et cetera?) I don't know; I'm not too familiar with what all the proper procedures are.

Peter B P (peterbp) said : #10

Thank you for the links CF8, but that links gives:

"Lost something?

There’s no page with this address in Launchpad. If you got here from a link elsewhere on Launchpad, sorry about that. We’ve recorded the problem, and we’ll fix it as soon as we can. "

computer_freak_8 (j8t8b) said : #11

Yes, I know... I mentioned in the post (which has the link) that it's broken... hence the post right after that asking if there's anyone else I should subscribe/notify.

Maybe time for a bug report?

Best Curtis Hovey (sinzui) said : #12

The FAQs do need updating. Launchpad is transitioning to Ubuntu's single-sign-on service. The Change password link was removed because Launchpad does not control passwords anymore. The Change password link was below the Change branding link on each person's profile page. The link could be returned, but it will need to make it clear that you are changing you Ubuntu SSO password.

To change your password (and manage your account), visit is the same data.

computer_freak_8 (j8t8b) said : #13

Nice, thank you!

@Johan Sköld and
@pvdeynse and
@Peter B P:

I think this should work for you folks, as well. I see the link on that page, but I haven't tested the functionality yet (I don't need to... ) but let us know if it's broken, or confirm if you try it and it works.

computer_freak_8 (j8t8b) said : #14

Thanks Curtis Hovey, that solved my question.

pvdeynse (vandeynse) said : #15

I can confirm, it works for me, have been able to change my password, thanks.

Peter B P (peterbp) said : #16

Thank you Curtis and CF8, I got my password changed.

Matt Wilkie (maphew) said : #17

I don't think this should be marked as "solved" as the key issue remains: there is no link or instructions within a launchpad user's pages for (a) where passwords are controlled and (b) how to change them.

Curtis Hovey (sinzui) said : #18

Since Launchpad is becoming an OpenID RP, Launchpad will never now what your password is, how it can be changed, or where it is really mangaged. The Change details page does have a link to the FAQ, and we can update the FAQ as we learn more.

Teemu Leisti (teemu-leisti) said : #19

Since this change is obviously causing confusion among users, there should be a clearly-marked advisory about this in at least one's details page, near the top, explaining the situation, and where to go to change this Ubuntu SSO password.

Andrea Carpineti (acarpine) said : #20

I agree with Matt and Teemu...I had the same issue just now :-)

RUSL Bicycle (bikerusl) said : #21

Agree with others that this should be explained somewhere clear besides a Question or Bug Report ;-)

theking2 (johannes-kingma) said : #22

On my Change details. page there is no password setting. Was this option removed?

theking2 (johannes-kingma) said : #23

On my Change details. page there is no password setting. Was this option removed?

theking2 (johannes-kingma) said : #24

Oh, sorry. should have waded through all the remarks on this page.

This single signon is quite annoying to me because my devious uncrackable password scheme includes the hostname in encrypted form. This scheme is baffled due to the difference between and

Is there a list of all hosts that use ubuntu single signon?

William Grant (wgrant) said : #25

Ubuntu SSO only exists on two domains: and Every other site that uses them redirects to one of those two for authentication.

Matt Wilkie (maphew) said : #27

Martin, I well understand the frustration and urge to lash out at somebody or something when something so apparently simple yet import lies unresolved and untouched for so long. Calling people names isn't going to help. If anything it will do the opposite. By all means express your anger, but please be civil.

Bracken (abdawson) said : #28

It's not there!

Alexander Adam (7ql6) said : #29

abdawson what is not there?

Did you visit as William suggested?

Nevertheless I think that there should be a direct *and visible* link like 'change you password' which points directly to it.