Mail redirection from Launchpad to Ubuntu ML

Asked by Sayak Banerjee on 2009-02-27


We have a <email address hidden> ML set up.
We recently got our Ubuntu Mailman ML (<email address hidden>) up and running, and the team members are in the process of migrating.

Now we had been 'advertising' our LP ml on every brainstorm FAQ page, and hence, a large crowd now knows of it, it'd be odd if we suddenly change it.

So for about a month, can a copy of mails (goes both to the LP and ubuntu-mailman lists) to the LP ml be forwarded to the ubuntu-mailman ML?
Why copy? -- as for those team members who haven't subscribed to the new ML.

We would (probably) deactivate the LP ml in about a month.

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Assigning to LOSAs since the forwarded would have to be done by the postmaster, so it needs to be RT'd. The team owner or CHR can deactivate the list when the time comes. 20090323 flacoste Inquire to the LOSA if they have an RT for this one.
Barry Warsaw (barry) said : #1

I do not have the authority to set up the forward, though I or the team owner or the CHR can help with the list deactivation when the time comes.

I've assigned this question to the Launchpad administrators.

Thank you! Till the date of deactivation, 'redirect a copy' would be awesome.


I just deactivated the LP mailing list, so this change might not be required at all.

Thanks and Regards.