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Asked by Fabien Tassin on 2009-02-26

This PPA reached its default 1G quota: https://edge.launchpad.net/~chromium-daily/+archive/ppa
I'm getting rejects now. Could you please increase the quota to say, 3GB?
I'm about to start adding amd64 support so it will double the size of the binaries.

Thank you.

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Tom Haddon (mthaddon) said : #1

Limit increased to 3GB.

Thanks, Tom

Fabien Tassin (fta) said : #2

Thanks Tom Haddon, that solved my question.

Fabien Tassin (fta) said : #3

I'm full. Looks like 3G were not enough after all.

"PPA exceeded its size limit (3527.00 of 3076.00 MiB)"

Could I have 5GB please?

Henning Eggers (henninge) said : #4

spm confirmed on #launchpad that you have 7 GB now.

Fabien Tassin (fta) said : #5

Re-opening as i got a reject this morning "PPA exceeded its size limit (3115.00 of 3076.00 MiB).".
Seems i'm back to 3GB, any reason for that?


Herb McNew (herb) said : #6

The size limit is set to 5120MiB.

Fabien Tassin (fta) said : #7

"Rejected: PPA exceeded its size limit (5981.00 of 5120.00 MiB). "

Herb McNew (herb) said : #8


Why did the testsuite packge suddenly grow from ~8MiB to >400MiB? Is this expected? See:


[ ] chromium-testsuite-dbg_2.0.171.0~svn20090322r12268-0ubuntu1~ucd1_amd64.deb 22-Mar-2009 21:21 8.4M
[ ] chromium-testsuite-dbg_2.0.171.0~svn20090322r12268-0ubuntu1~ucd1_i386.deb 22-Mar-2009 20:41 8.4M
[ ] chromium-testsuite-dbg_2.0.171.0~svn20090322r12268-0ubuntu1~ucd1~hardy_amd64.deb 22-Mar-2009 21:21 9.0M
[ ] chromium-testsuite-dbg_2.0.171.0~svn20090322r12268-0ubuntu1~ucd1~hardy_i386.deb 22-Mar-2009 21:21 9.0M
[ ] chromium-testsuite-dbg_2.0.171.0~svn20090322r12268-0ubuntu1~ucd1~intrepid_amd64.deb 22-Mar-2009 21:21 8.4M
[ ] chromium-testsuite-dbg_2.0.171.0~svn20090322r12268-0ubuntu1~ucd1~intrepid_i386.deb 22-Mar-2009 21:21 8.4M
[ ] chromium-testsuite-dbg_2.0.171.0~svn20090322r12268-0ubuntu1~ucd2_amd64.deb 23-Mar-2009 14:42 421M
[ ] chromium-testsuite-dbg_2.0.171.0~svn20090322r12268-0ubuntu1~ucd2_i386.deb 23-Mar-2009 14:21 421M
[ ] chromium-testsuite-dbg_2.0.171.0~svn20090322r12268-0ubuntu1~ucd2~hardy_amd64.deb 23-Mar-2009 15:01 423M
[ ] chromium-testsuite-dbg_2.0.171.0~svn20090322r12268-0ubuntu1~ucd2~hardy_i386.deb 23-Mar-2009 14:21 423M
[ ] chromium-testsuite-dbg_2.0.171.0~svn20090322r12268-0ubuntu1~ucd2~intrepid_amd64.deb 23-Mar-2009 14:21 420M
[ ] chromium-testsuite-dbg_2.0.171.0~svn20090322r12268-0ubuntu1~ucd2~intrepid_i386.deb 23-Mar-2009 14:42 420M

That accounts for more than half of your currently used PPA space.

Fabien Tassin (fta) said : #9

I just fixed a bug in my package preventing symbols to be exported in the -dbg debs.
Basically, previous -dbg were useless to get backtraces.
So yes, "a" growth was expected, maybe not on that scale but this is a huge package so i'm not really surprised.

Steve McInerney (spm) said : #10

Have set the size to 10Gb. Grr. :-)

Have also put a note in the whiteboard to 10Gb or greater, so hopefully stop the shrinkage you saw. Maybe a buglet that needs fixing.

- Steve

Fabien Tassin (fta) said : #11

Reopening as it's once again full: "Estimated repository size: 10.0 GiB (99.57%) of 10.0 GiB".
The boost comes from the new Karmic builds.
Users are also requesting lpia so it will grow once again.

This PPA is gaining momentum so IMHO, it's worth it.

Tom Haddon (mthaddon) said : #12

I've increased the space to 15GB.

Thanks, Tom

Fabien Tassin (fta) said : #13


thanks for the 20GB, yet:

May 15 14:24:45 <fta> Estimated repository size: 20.3 GiB (100.00%) of 20.0 GiB
May 16 02:22:02 <fta> yeahh! "Estimated repository size: 23.0 GiB (100.00%) of 20.0 GiB"
May 18 00:48:18 <fta> Estimated repository size: 25.6 GiB (100.00%) of 20.0 GiB
May 22 16:28:10 <x> Estimated repository size: 20.0 GiB (100.00%) of 20.0 GiB

A full build is now ~8.1GB (4 dists x 3 arches). With 20GB, I can't have 3 builds at a given time (i.e., before the previous ones are superseded).
It's a daily build so if i send a fix between two builds, I need at least 3 x 8.1GB :(

I'm not sure about the correct way to solve this for good.
Drop the testsuite-dbg that is proving itself useful to track packaging regressions with upstream, drop some arches or increase the quota once again to n times 8GB.

Steve McInerney (spm) said : #14

Hmmm. This is sounding like "bug reporting" time, or similar.

There is a limit in the PPA admin screen of 20Gb (20480).
So we can't set it any higher than it currently already is - well... unless we start hitting the SQL again. ;-)

Might be also worth sending an email to the LP Users list to generate some discussion.

I'll try and catch one of the soyuz guys in the next day or two and see what we can come up with.

- Steve

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