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Asked by Michael Lustfield on 2009-02-25

After talking to Metcalfe, we decided we should obtain a super project for ubuntu-drupal.

So, could we have ubuntu-drupal renamed to ubuntu-drupal-releases and an ubuntu-drupal super project created?


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Kiko, can you take a look at creating this super-project (I know you love those)? -- 2009-02-26 Danilo
Christian Reis (kiko) said : #1

Can you explain better your idea behind ubuntu-drupal-releases and ubuntu-drupal itself?

We plan on using ubuntu-drupal-releases for the project that we attach the entire packaged product.

We plan on using ubuntu-drupal as a super project.

The Ubuntu Drupal project is aimed at being a complete set of tools for any LoCo that wants to create a website for their team. The people working on this project are the people who ported the Launchpad Openid plugins to Drupal 6 since we were including them in our own project. Because of this work, Stuart Metcalfe wants to start working with us on the OpenID plugins related to this project. We have other people that interested in working with other specific portions of this package. We also plan to include more projects in the future. We are still discussing naming conventions for our OpenID project since this is looking to become their primary development branch.

I know there are a minimum of three other modules (projects) planned on being added/created for the Ubuntu Drupal project as well.

Our wiki is at It's moderately under developed, but it is in the works.

You can see examples of this project being used at and

Christian Reis (kiko) said : #3

So the only thing you've said which suggests this might be a project group is "a minimum of three other modules" that you refer to but don't give detail into. Sorry for being a stickler, but I've declined other requests for the same reason, and I want to make sure that the project groups we do have are actually real project groups -- many times people think that project groups solve a problem that they actually don't!

For now I don't see why you wouldn't just use ubuntu-drupal and attach to it downloads that correspond to the packaged project. It seems to me it would be clearer to people visiting. Perhaps the other modules you allude to actually imply a project group would be more suitable, but what are they?

At this point in time:

We have four branches for ubuntu-drupal-themes. An example of this theme is at and We also have a theme the for Israel who apparently writes things backward :P. The ubuntu-drupal-themes team also has two other branches that are not maintained which we are keeping around in case anyone decides to use our themes for the specific modules, as rare as that may be.

We have created the original 6.x port for the launchpad-openid, openid-launchpad, and launchpad-teams modules. These ports became what Canonical is working on. One of our goals is to work directly with Canonical on these modules. In order to do this, we will need to maintain a separate project for each module. This will obviously be different from the originals which they will want to maintain full control over.

In addition to these three projects, we have been maintaining a nice menus module for drupal which allows menus to drop down, just like the main ubuntu website. We have begun work on a planet module as well. This will replicate how works, but it will be geared toward working in Drupal and within our themes.

These modules as well as the themes are specific to Drupal. Each project we start is generally aimed at Drupal 6, but we are trying to maintain support for Drupal 5 as well. When Drupal 7 code freeze comes, we will begin working on our Drupal 7 versions.

Every module/theme we we create is geared toward Ubuntu and for use on Drupal. At this point, there are 7 projects total that will be included with this. I'm still waiting to hear from Stuart Metcalfe about creation of 3 of these branches. The wait is mostly just to settle on a naming convention before finish creating them and pushing the branch.

The reason we would like to have this super project is because we already have 8 different projects we're working on that are directly related to ubuntu-drupal project. We will be creating more projects when a community member things we should create something that would be really helpful.

Here's a list:

This is the project we're currently using to make a package of everything that is ready to be used.
 - If this super project is approved, we would like this changed to ubuntu-drupal-releases to make room for the super project name. ( 3 branches )

All themes for the Ubuntu Drupal project (We're pushing for a one-to-rule-them-all thing) ( 4 branches )

Two packages for plugins with Drupal. They are supported, but not developed. ( 1 branch ) ( 1 branch )

We're creating a version of the Planet module in an environment that doesn't require bazaar knowledge. ( 1 branch )

It is our goal to bring development of these modules to these branches. We are just waiting on final approval from Stu. ( 3 branches ) ( 3 branches ) ( 3 branches )

We're also looking into even more ways to develop this package.

One idea currently being splattered against the idea board is a module to bring to
In my case it'll be something like inside a Drupal site.

We just put together a major release (6.2.0).

This package combined one branch of every project we listed (except the undeveloped two) and then we added that package as a download to the ubuntu-drupal project. This is why we would like ubuntu-drupal renamed to ubuntu-drupal-releases if our ubuntu-drupal super project is approved.

Christian Reis (kiko) said : #7

Okay. So after our IRC discussion, I have the following suggestions:

  - The ubuntu-drupal-* projects should be disabled; their branches really belong under the main drupal-* projects. Once you've moved the branches out, let me know and I'll push the button on them.

  - The drupal-planet project sounds to me like something that isn't ubuntu specific. Same with drupal-openid. I think in those cases it is best not to put them under an Ubuntu-related project group; it just turns away users of other distros that are interested in drupal. Shouldn't these be placed under the drupal project group itself?

  - The only remaining thing I'm curious about is ubuntu-drupal and ubuntu-drupal-theme. Does it make sense to actually have a project group for them? Will they release separate tarballs? Is ubuntu-drupal a fork of drupal, or a config, or a module?

I really want to thank you for providing URLs. My wrists so much like that!

Christian Reis (kiko) said : #8

Okay, it sounds like there's a good reason to have the -releases project be separate, as it's an all-in-one thing. Here you go:

Sorry for all the questions!

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