Guadalinex distro registration

Asked by Juanje Ojeda on 2009-02-17

Hi, I'm Juanje Ojeda, one of the Guadalinex maintainers and I'd like to ask you guys to register Guadalinex as a distribution.

Guadalinex ( is a big distribution based on Ubuntu since 2006 and is always trying to collaborate with Ubuntu (actually the current Ubuntu live installer (ubiquity) is based on our first live installer). But we couldn't collaborate better before because we need to use out own infraestructures (gforge, svn, mantis and so on), so we like to move a bit our resources to Lanchpad so we can help better.

We are developing the the version 6 which is going to be based on Jaunty and we'll try to realease on Jaunty+30.

The maintainer tream would be "Guadalinex Members"[1]

Thanks in advance :-)


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Juanje Ojeda (juanje) said : #1

Excuse me, I've just changed the groups to be more in a Ubuntu and Launchpad way:

 * Project to change into a distro:
 * The group who maintaint it:
* The group who drive it:

Aaron Bentley (abentley) said : #2

Sorry, it is not technically feasible to convert a project into a distribution. You would need to create a new distribution.

Juanje Ojeda (juanje) said : #3

I thought that was the way to create. There is not button or place to create a distro but I saw in few questions I had to create a project and ask to convert it into a distribution.

If I'm wrong, please lead me to the right way.


Juanje Ojeda (juanje) said : #4

Ok, I think I didn't read well the FAQ #22.
I undertood I have to create the project and then ask to for the change.
I need to create the distribution and the only meaning of the Guadalinex project is for that. There is nothing important yet so if you need to delete it for create the distribution, go ahead :-)
Or I can delete it, or whatever you need to be able to create the distro.


Steve McInerney (spm) said : #5

Have renamed the existing project to 'guadalinex-project' and then deactivated, so the name space won't clobber with the distribution request.

- Steve

Juanje Ojeda (juanje) said : #6

Thank you Steve, so now there is no "guadalinex" or "guadalinex-project" and someone will create the distro. Is it right?

Thank you very much, we'll wait until you say to us the distro is already created.

Christian Reis (kiko) said : #7

Juanje, can you create a team for your distribution members? It's a requirement for new distributions in Launchpad.

Juanje Ojeda (juanje) said : #8

There is a team already:

Also for drivers we've created another one:

Do you need something else? Or is there any problem with those teams?
Anything just poke me.


Christian Reis (kiko) said : #9


You should be able to edit it, but let me know if there's anything that doesn't work as editing of distributions may have some odd bugs as it's not much used beyond Ubuntu. Sorry for the time it took to set this up, it's been a busy week!

Juanje Ojeda (juanje) said : #10

Thank you very much, Kiko :-)