Is there a way to mark a project 'inactive'?

Asked by Michael Terry on 2009-02-09

Let's say a project existed, and is no longer active or maintained. Rather than 'closing' it on Launchpad (which it sounds like deletes access to the data -- correct me if I'm wrong), I'd just like to mark it 'inactive'. That is, all data stays in launchpad, but its bugs and other data don't show up in searches by default.

Is there such a mechanism?

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Graham Binns
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Michael Terry (mterry) said : #2

Mmm, as I mentioned, I was aware that one can 'close' a project in LP. But I thought that was more intense than just making it 'inactive'. i.e. that closing a project removes the data from Launchpad.

Is that not the case? Is 'closing' a project the same as what I ask for? That FAQ entry isn't too clear on what exactly happens to a closed project.

Best Graham Binns (gmb) said : #3

> Is that not the case? Is 'closing' a project the same as what I ask for?

The project will be marked as inactive and, if necessary, the Launchpad Registry Admins team will be set as the project's maintainer. No data will be deleted.

Is that suitable to your requirements?

Michael Terry (mterry) said : #4

Yeah, that makes sense. Thanks!