We need to replace my old e-mail address

Asked by Maurice Wheatley on 2009-01-28

Since moving from NSW to Victoria my e-mail address has been changed.
The former is no longer accessible since account was closed.
I have re-registered with the new address so the old one can be removed from your records.
Thankyou for a great service.
J Maurice Wheatley

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Ursula Junque (ursinha) said : #1

Hi Maurice,

Now that you've created a new account on Launchpad, you may want to merge it with the old one. Considering you don't have access to the <email address hidden> e-mail, you need to file a request on Launchpad Answers [1] (here!), so a Launchpad admin could do the merge for you. You can follow up on this question too with the accounts to be merged.

Just for the record: you are able to do the e-mail address change on your account just accessing it and editing by yourself through Launchpad. The path is: your profile, Change Details, E-mail settings, and then add the new e-mail you want.

Any further questions, please let us know.

[1] https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad-project



Maurice Wheatley (elfejw) said : #2

Thanks Ursula Junque, that solved my question.

Maurice Wheatley (elfejw) said : #3


Since my profile now contains only the one correct e-mail address, I hope my original problem is fixed.

However, question #59040 contains a current valid address and it would be better if the question were to be deleted or at least edited to hide the address.

Maurice Wheatley (elfejw) said : #4


Thankyou for editing the body of question #59040.
Sorry to be a nuissance, but could you also do the same to the title of the question
or delete the question alltogether.

I have already received a doubtful message purporting to come from my ISP requesting confirmation of account details and password.
Otherwise, I will have to change this address,
and go through all this rigamarole again !


Maurice Wheatley

Muharem Hrnjadovic (al-maisan) said : #5

Hello Maurice, this seems resolved. Could you please the question if so?

Maurice Wheatley (elfejw) said : #6

Muharem Hrnjadovic,

Thankyou for your response.

No. This problem is NOT resolved.

As indicated in my response to Ursula on 7Feb,
I have already received a spurious request for username & password.

As is evident in your message header,
the title of question #59040 still contains my current e-mail address.

I would like either the title to be edited
or the complete question to be removed from the FAQ site.


Maurice Wheatley

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Hello Maurice, this seems resolved. Could you please the question if so?

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Graham Binns (gmb) said : #7

I've assigned this to the Launchpad sysadmins, who should be able to solve your problem.

Herb, Tom: Can you delete the email addresses from the title of this question please?

Tom Haddon (mthaddon) said : #8

I've removed the email from the title of this question.

Thanks, Tom

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