How do I download the latest revision of a branch?

Asked by Harrison on 2009-01-16

Alright, I recently migrated here to Launchpad from Sourceforge. When browsing the code on Sourceforge, there would be a link to a tar.gz of all the files in the directory that you are in. This resulted in an easy way to prepare releases, or to easily allow people to upgrade to the latest version. It doesn't seem that there is any option to do this. Is there one, and I'm just missing it? Or is Launchpad really missing out on this basic functionality?

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Christian Reis (kiko) said : #1

You know how it is with features in software, right? You add 10 and then the user comes with the one you didn't add :-) It's a bug, and one that you can help us get started on if you know some Python and are interested in improving loggerhead.

Tim Penhey (thumper) said : #2

This is an interesting feature.

I'm wondering if it would be an interesting feature to offer to create a tar.gz of a series branch, and have that file uploaded and linked on the project download page. That might be more useful than a link through loggerhead.


Paul Hummer (rockstar) said : #3

There isn't a link on the site to download them, no. However, to prepare releases for my projects, I do the following:

bzr export my_project-1.1.tar.gz lp:my_project

This gives me a tarball of the working tree with the most recent revision.

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