Gmane interface to bug tracker notifications

Asked by Tobias C. Rittweiler on 2009-01-11

I'd like to create a Gmane ( read-only group for all the bug
tracker notifications for a project of my choice.

What is the best way?

  a) Add a new user that subscribes to the bug notifications, and forwards
      the mails to a mailing list I create for this purpose. Then subscribe that
      mailing list to gmane.

   b) Instead of create a mailing list independent of Launchpad, use Launchpad's
       own mailing list support. For this to work, I somehow have to allow the gmane
       bot to subscribe to that list.

   c) Ask the gmane people to create a "Gmane" user account that they can subscribe
       to a project upon request, and then use procmail to forward the mails to the relevant
       group all by themselves. Are the X-Launchpad-Foo headers documented somewhere?

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Assigned to intellectronica 2009-01-12 henninge

Gmane is not yet supported by Launchpad (see bug #208238).

For now can forward the email yourself using a mailing list or a user, but please make sure that you clear things yourself with people.

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